3 unique experiences in Friuli Venezia Giulia

A new destination for the next weeks, full of emotional turistic experiences far from the usual routes, this is Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region which shows a great care for tourism and its nature trails, offering many activities to travellers who like the first class quality.

We pick three special experiences to entice you to visit Friuli, discover what to do during your holiday in a charming location, rich of flavors and colors.

The Road of Castles in Friuli hills

Thanks to the melting pot of people, happened thorugh the centuries, Friuli can be proud of an enogastronomical tradition that combines Mitteleuropean, Mediterranean and Slavic influences, so you can find fish based menus, smoked cheeses, renowned hams like the San Daniele or the rare Sauris and Cormòns hams, and the wines pruduced in 8 different DOC zones.

Medieval castle in Friuli This region has many Medieval castles, available for visits by guided tours. We suggest Villalta di Fagagna, in province of Udine, where rises an enchanting castle with beautiful halls and a blooming garden; you’ll travel into the past by walking inside this fortress.

It’s one of the best preserved castles in Friuli, but if you love this kind of venues you can follow the Road of Castles, a route which winds from Colloredo to Osoppo with many stages; choose your stops according to your free time and the vehicle you prefer (car or bike, to enjoy the landscape).

San Daniele rises on a hilltop and is known as “Siena del Friuli” because of its location, its panorama and the spoken dialect (pure Friulian language). The DOP prosciutto crudo di San Daniele (raw ham) is one of the top Italian specialties, furthermore here you can taste the trouts, raised at the river Tagliamento, a typical dish in San Daniele, in fact, is smoked trout. To buy the local specialties visit Mercato della Terra (Earth Market), which takes place every third saturday of the month from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm next to the Guarneriana Library.

Explore the galleries, the towers and at the same time taste the typical flavors of this region is one of the most engaging experiences to do in holiday.

Rafting and trekking in Friuli

Trekking in Friuli If you prefer the thrill of an extreme sport, surrounded by an enchanting natural scenery, Friuli has a surprise for you: the morphology of the mountains, the carbonate rocks and the rain are the reason for the high concentration of gorges and steeps with breathtaking slides. Chances to do rafting or canyoning are available also for who is not an expert; with the help of a guide you can do these sports in complete safety, beginning from the easiest rivers as Torrente Lumiei in Sauris (Carnia), Rio Frondizzon in Tolmezzo and Rio Alba in Moggio.

About trekking, the best way to visit the heart of Friuli, you can choose among 55 paths that wind along the whole Alpine range and the plateau of Carso, accessible to everyone and only some paths advised to expert hikers. We suggest you an itinerary that holds the soul of this unique place, the Horse Trails of the Cormor Valley, a 30 km route to do by bike, on foot or horseback, surrounded by the sweet landscape where there are useful information panels, rural hamlets, parks and farmhouses.

Golf courses between sea and mountains

Friuli top Golf clubs Within a range of 100 km there are 7 regional Golf Clubs: you can play at Tarvisio Golf & Country Club, at the Julian Alps, or practise at Grado Golf Club, enriched by water obstacles and situated close to the beach. At the foot of Piancavallo mountains, near Pordenone, there is Golf Club Castel d’Aviano, which offers an amazing set between centuries-old oaks and an ancient village from XVI century.

Sporting activities in Friuli are the ideal for tourists that want to enjoy new experiences, discover a territory and find a genuine relationship with nature, which here is enhanced with a strong respect to traditions and a great care for exclusive services.

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