5 Italian fashion brands you need to know

When we think about Italian fashion we remember immediately the designers that the pride of BelPaese and we relate Italian style to concepts such as class, refinement, wearability and craftsmanship.
However, the high fashion Made in Italy not only includes names such as Armani, Versace, Fendi and Zegna, so we recommend 5 fashion brand that you should know, 5 designers who stand out for their strong personality and talent to create clothes and accessories suitable for the wardrobe of trendsetters.


The story of Boglioli isn’t unusual in the context of haute couture: the company was founded in the early XX century and become a brand of international prestige in 1970. What distinguishes Boglioli is the style of high-end suits for men, refined in each detail.
One of the most recent collections, the Spring-Summer 2016, is inspired by Brazil in the 70’s, combining the relaxed atmosphere in Bossa Nova mood with the softness of the colors of this collection, from ultramarine blue to creamy white.

Official website: www.boglioli.it.



If you have already been in Maremma, you probably know the origin of the name Buttero: they are our own cowboy, horse herders who take care of cattle.
The name Buttero interests us because since 1974 is a trademark of handmade shoes produced in Tuscany with exclusively local raw materials.
Buttero, brand owned by Sani’s family, realizes shoes, boots and sneakers made with vegetable tanning process that strengthen the resistance and gives a worn look to shoes, in other words roughness embraces elegance.
Official website: www.buttero.it


On the shores of Lake Maggiore began the story of Herno, brand specializing in raincoats which owes its success to the intuition of Giuseppe Marenzi (the founder) and the particular climate in Lesa, in the province of Novara, which requires waterproof raincoats of excellent quality.
Today Herno focuses on innovation, with high-performance textiles and innovative machines perform heat-bonded taping and ultrasound stitching. This is why the winter coats Herno are lightweight and the brand has become increasingly in demand abroad.
We think that a brand that blends tradition and innovation is definitely a must-have.

Official website: www.herno.it

Pierre-Louis Mascia


Despite Pierre-Louis Mascia was born in France, is in Italy who designed his first collection of scarves, entrusting the production to the textile company Pinto.
The versatile scarves and foulards by Mascia are printed on both sides with a digital process on plotter, a technique that allows saving energy and creating a super refined product.
The overlap of different motifs is the common feature of Mascia’s creation, which not coincidentally comes from the world of illustration.
His style was described as “the peaceful fight of Bauhaus strictness and Rococo abandon translated into a mix of control and anarchy”.
Official website: www.pierrelouismascia.com

Paula Cademartori

The Made In Italy deluxe bags have now a landmark brand in addition to the most popular designers: Paula Cademartori, a brand born in 2010 by the inspiration of an Italian-Brazilian fashion designer.
Paula Cademartori, in fact, moved to Milan in 2005 and designs each of her bags as an object to collect, sealed with a metal buckle designed by her, by virtue of her experience in the jewelry field.

Currently she produces four collections a year and said in an interview that the best thing of working in Italy is that since the project until the final production is like creating a work of art, something unique and exciting.
Official website: www.paulacademartori.com

Don’t settle for the usual names for your luxury shopping, the future of fashion passes through here.

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