Activity holidays in Italy, the top destinations

Summer is best period to plan active holidays, booking a stay including engaging activities for who want to stay in trim and enjoy new experiences on vacation.

Activity holidays include sports, but also others outdoor activities such as hiking or nature trails; the common feature of this kind of holidays is the services inclusiveness offered by the hotel which we chose.
The destination, therefore, depends on the type of your favorite activity; we suggest you some activity holidays in Italy, funny and challenging experiences to enjoy in unusual venues, away from the most famous and crowded cities.

Hot air balloon in Tuscany

Rafting and skyrunning in Valle d’Aosta

Valle d'Aosta rafting experience


If you like adventure and you love mountains, Valle d’Aosta it will be your number one choice: this small region, bordering Switzerland and France, is set between 4 of the highest mountains in Europe (the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso) and is crossed by a feeder of the Po river, the Dora Baltea.

Just the central valley where flows this river has a mild climate, so during summer the pleasant temperatures invite you to join many sporting activities.
Rich in protected areas, Valle d’Aosta is recommended for rafting, sport that consists in the descending of a river aboard a raft. The best time to do rafting is from April to September, the Dora Baltea offers quick and breathtaking descents, a range of emotions to be discovered with the expert guides who design courses suitable for all: if you choose to explore the imposing beauty of Valle d’Aosta with a canoe, a kayak or hydrospeed, you will experience a fast-paced adventure surrounded by mountains.

For fans of skyrunning the next meeting is on 2nd August with “Monte Rosa Walser Trail”; the competitions included ranging from marathon to the sky bike (combined activity of mountain bike and vertical kilometer) and are sports to practice at a high altitude over rough terrain.
The “Monte Rosa Walser Trail” allows exploring the extensive environmental heritage at the slopes of Monte Rosa, an event which offers, in addition to official competitions, even a non-competitive Ecotrail run, open to everybody.

In Valle d’Aosta you can test the thrill of living in a magical place; an excellent choice for travelers who love nature and exclusive activities. All the information for booking are available on the website

Orienteering, the new way to discover the pristine nature

Lake in Trentino summer holidays

The sport of the woods, known as Orienteering, is born in Scandinavian countries but has also spread in Italy, consists of orienteering outdoor (usually in the woods, but there are also competitions in the historic centers) based on navigational skills with a compass and a map to navigate from point to point in a unfamiliar terrain where to find the lanterns (the control points) which each athlete must mark.

Each competitor can follow the route they prefer, but must mark its passage by the chip SPORTident that you must register in each lantern.
This is a sport that combines the advantages of technology and the tradition of competitive outdoor activities, where the nature is always the protagonist.

Five Days of Italy is the official World Championship of orienteers, it will be held from 5th to 13rth July between Trentino and Veneto and we point out this event because is a good pretext to visit extraordinary places along the paths of orienteers.

The prologue is in Venice, where athletes from all over the world will meet, then the races will move to Turcio sull’Altopiano di Asiago, then in Levico Terme in Valsugana, ideal destinations for tourists who want to enjoy lakes, mountains, art cities and follow food and wine tours.

During Five Days in Italy, in fact, there are side events including a circuit of Golf, a visit to the Great War sites, a visit to the PEFC certified forests, an exposure of orienteering maps, a tour of the observatory of Asiago. For further information we recommend the official website

Those who prefer to don’t practice this kind of sport, can find refreshment and enjoyment at the stages of the races, for example the lake of Levico Terme, a few kilometers from Trento, is the only Blue Flag in Trentino, its banks house a beach resort and a park, an oasis of relaxation eco-friendly vacations.

Hot air Balloon rides in Tuscany

Hot air balloon flight in Tuscany

Active Holidays is a definition that also applies to the hot air balloon rides, a unique experience to enjoy the view from a very unusual perspective; there are several associations that organize balloon flights, we advise you to go to Tuscany to see the most famous towns such as Florence and Siena, but also the countryside, Crete Senesi, churches and farmhouses, a suggestive, romantic and exclusive flight, because hot air balloon rides are available only when skies are clear.

You can choose to fly at sunrise or before sunset and each flight is unique: the route changes according to wind and weather conditions, you get up in the air up to 300-400 meters and you can see and take pictures of the tops the trees, the tops of the hills and you’ll feel as a walk on air!

Book in advance a hot air balloon ride and experience the thrill of getting up from the ground at first light in the morning, savor the sweetness of the landscape and make a toast after landing, to celebrate the sheer beauty of Tuscany, a wonderful place to all latitudes. This is the website of Balloon in Tuscany:

The picture of the hot air balloon flying over Tuscany comes from Balloon Rides In Tuscany, company that offers this service, located in San Casciano Val di Pesa in Chianti area:

This summer enjoy an active holiday in Italy, the perfect balance between thrill and relax!

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