Boutiques, jewels and precious wines in Naples

Wine City and hotel in Naples Have you ever dreamed to match luxury shopping with the art of taste wine, the pleasure to visit an atelier and a stay in a 5 stars hotel in Naples with all the comforts?

In May it’s possible thanks to Wine and the city, an initiative that involves more than 100 boutiques, wine shops, art galleries and prestigious venues in the heart of Naples: we want to suggest you some tips for an holiday in Campania from 16th to 19th May, in the sign of exclusiveness, refined design and trendy fashion.

Style tastings and high class shopping

Is the fifth edition of this event, is an extra show related to Vitignoitalia, that will take place at Castel dell’Ovo from 20th to 22nd May, and includes a long itinerary through the best that the city can offers: from Chiaia district to dianabol steroid the historical center, more than 106 venues like PAN (Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli), where will begin the preview on 15th May from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm with the dj set by Lunare Project for Radio Capri and Radio Yacht, the circus of Compagnia Elefanti, the wine cellars of Movimento Turismo del Vino della Campania and the syilish finger food by the chefs of Gambero Rosso.

The combination of fashion accessories with DOC wines, trendy ties with vintage sparkling wines, elegant shoes with products introduced by sommeliers is an original way to join a tasting, surrounded by the amazing Neapolitan natural landscape.

Engaging perfumes and exclusive locations

5 stars hotel in Naples On Friday 18th May the meeting is at the garden centre of Esterni di Galleria Elena that only by invite offers the show Cappelli e vino with live music in the garden, then the Tunnel Borbonico, a special event that blends art, theatre and wine in a sensorial route curated by Simona Perchiazzi; finally, on Saturday 18th, the finissage at the Città del Gusto di Napoli.

The creator of Wine and the city brand, Donatella Bernabò Silorata, realizes that people need a new itinerary to discover 70 winery and the best boutiques in Naples, where many tourists go shopping.

This idea, easy and brilliant, is earning success and is a pretext to start a travel and book a Luxury Hotel in Campania: so you can taste all the events that are part of this show. Naples, in May, is dressed with the colors of the most delicious wines and the most sophisticated outfits, exclusively for the demanding people that want to know the most charming side of South Italy. The complete calendar can be consulted here: