Canyons, ridges and caves: the authentic side of Sardinia

If you like the idea of an adventure vacation and you are looking for a special destination where to go this spring, this route through Sardinia can fulfill your curiosity. Sardinia is, for the majority of travelers, a renowned destination for sea tourism, but is a region that offers many attractions even in low season.

The most spectacular canyon in Europe is in Sardinia

The greatest canyon in Europe

Nature has donated many of his masterpieces to the island of Sardinia, among these is the Gola di Gorropu, a canyon in Supramonte area which is 500 meters deep and about 1.5 kilometers long. The gorge is located on the border between the municipalities of Orgosolo and Urzulei and worth a visit because it is a unique sight in Europe: a canyon that narrows at the bottom (in some places the width is 4-5 meters) located in a rugged territory, reachable by hiking trails.

Guided tours to explore the canyon are available, so it is a recommended destination especially for those who love trekking and aren’t afraid by long paths: at the arrival the view of Gorropu is a great reward all the efforts.

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Bue Marino Cave, primitive graffiti and crystal clear waters

Bue Marino Cave guided tour

 On the east coast of Sardinia you can visit large caves that derive their name by the monk seal, which in Sardinian is called Bue Marino; the 15 kilometer-long cave is accessible by boat by the sea and is a unique place for several reasons.

First of all, the cave is highly suggestive because is full of stalactites and stalagmites that are reflected in the salt lake (among the largest underground lakes in the world), furthermore the cave walls feature graffiti from Neolithic age representing dancing figures, a valuable archaeological find.

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Castelsardo, the favorite medieval village by travelers

Castelsardo enchanting village in Sardinia

Last stop on our itinerary is Castelsardo, in province of Sassari, a small village overlooking the enchanting Asinara Gulf an the coast of Corsica, a vast panorama that is a sort of daydream.

Considered one of the most enchanting villages in Italy, Castelsardo welcomes tourists with a triumph of colors and a romantic mood, created by the colored houses on the ridge, the Doria Castle and the streets of the town populated by craft shops. Inside the castle there is the Museum of Mediterranean Weaving, which houses a collection of artifacts created by vegetal resources of the territory, every day objects that allow you to better know the local customs.

Finally, from the terraces of the castle you can admire the surrounding landscape and listen to the sweet symphony of the sea breaking on the rocks, only then you’ll wish an endless vacation, because this is the island for travelers who want only the best.

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