Design and architecture tours in Italy

We suggest you an unusual travel across Italy in the sign of modernity, innovation and refined style: we have put together places where rise charming and original architectural works, result of the talent of designer and also “archistar” that often create controversy.

Our aim is to signal buildings, museums and others urban spaces that redesigned a district, giving a new face to cities that will be the stages of an holiday dedicated to design and architecture lovers.

Venice Biennale and many more

venice biennale 2012 A good pretext to visit Venice is the Architecture Biennale, came to 13th edition, opened on 29th August and continues until 25th November at 5 venues.

Is a prestigious event not only for insiders, because here the issues are the future of inhabit and the ways the cities change around buildings.

Venice is full of attractions all the year around and its vocation for elegance, bravery and preciousness is visible through its palaces.

We start from a perfect place for walks, the Fondamenta delle Zattere, that border the Canale della Giudecca; here, besides to many restaurants and boutiques, there is the Casa alle Zattere, built by Ignazio Gardella in 1958, is next to the Chiesa dello Spirito Santo and features parapets with pierced slabs and plaster brick grit, modern design elements that remind to the style of the old palaces.

The second stage is a palace that was also an atelier: the evidence that the genius lives all along in Venice, because Palazzo Fortuny now is a museum dedicated to Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, an artist that created here his own artworks as fabrics, clothes, stage design, light design and colors (the Fortuny tempera derives from him). The palace was built in XV century and has a Gothic style, a rival attraction to the works of Fortuny that we can see in the museum that was his home and headquarter.

Anyway, a venue so ful exclusive museums in venice l of inspirations and creativity is a must for travellers, a reason to book a boutique hotel in Venice in the next days.

Another very prestigious venue is the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, unfinished building that dates back to 1748. The Collection includes artworks from all the major avantgarde movements of XX century and is one of the richest museums in the worls, we recommend you to visit the blooming garden with sculptures that come also from other foundations.

Milan on the cutting edge

The chief city of Lombardy is the favorite set for many designers and architects, that experimented daring solutions influencing the city planning and looking for a balance between different disctricts. Now Milan is renowned as the Italian fashion capital and can rival with oth things to do in milan er European cities like Berlin and Barcelona for its architectural innovation.

The first stage is Torre Velasca, one of the most controversial symbols of Milan: designed in 1958 by BBPR, is a skyscraper with offices and houses that merges the typical colors of the Milanese houses with a futuristic shape, and has a style called neoliberty. The Torre Velasca stands together with Duomo and Castello Sforzesco, it represents the vitality of Italian Rationalism that was in vogue during Fifties.

Another famous skyscraper is Pirelli Tower, 127 meters high and designed by Gio Ponti in 1955. Glass, steel and reinforced concrete are the base elements, the plan has the shape of an hexagonal diamond, the “Pirellone” (this is the nickname used by Milanese people) inspired also other skyscrapers abroad. The last floor, the 31st, is open to public for special events and is an amazing panoramic viewpoint, often hosts contemporary art exhibitions and has a bookshop inside.

To admire all these locations we suggest you to choose a design hotel in Milan center, for a stay that follows this original route, taking advantage of the available comforts of the hotel. The Over the Counter Viagra Online – Generic OTC Viagra to treat ED. last stage is a church, where you can see again the creativity of Gio Ponti: the Chiesa di San Francesco al Fopponino has a facade with lozenges, a visual effect that reminds to scenic wings.

There isn’t a best set than Milan for a travel that combines historical works and modern temptations; a tour in the areas that we recommended you will give you the feeling of an exclusive place, where everyday people imagine the future.