A dip into nature: the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Italy

It’s time to plan trips outdoors, hiking and nature trails to discover millennial and breathtaking landscapes: the waterfalls, unique attractions that surround stunning sceneries sometimes unknown to tourists.

Determine which are the highest Italian waterfalls is not easy because the river usually comes down to the valley with more jumps, so it is difficult to calculate the height and reach of a waterfall, also considering that some waterfalls are a source of energy for hydroelectric plants and are not always open to visitors.

With our tips you will discover which are the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Italy and plan your vacation by choosing the most suitable destination to your wishes.

Stroppia Waterfall

Stroppia Waterfall in Piedmont

Piedmont is the region where you can admire the Stroppia Waterfall in Val Maira, in province of Cuneo, one of the most impressive in Italy but often not included in tourist itineraries.

Stroppia Waterfall is located in an isolated place, accessible by hiking or climbing, an amazing sight to be seen from June to early August (when the waterfall run out), while the surrounding mountains are like an artistic sculpture, carved by erosion over the centuries. The height of these falls is 500 meters, then you can consider among the highest in Italy.

Serio Falls

cascate del serio bergamo

In the upper valley Seriana, close to Valbiondone, the river Serio flows and forms the Serio waterfall with a three main steps, an overall drop of 315 meters. They are located in the province of Bergamo, in Lombardy, and can be visited only 5 times a year, but it is worth organizing the trip to closely admire these falls: go to the large boulders near the Maslana district, a vantage point to see the impressive beauty of the Serio Falls.

According to an ancient legend, a lady in the village in love with a shepherd and jealous of his girlfriend, she captured her and closed in a castle, then hers tears became rivers and create the waterfall.
Check the website of the valley Seriana to get information about the opening dates: www.vivisulserio.it

Marmore’s Falls

Cascata delle Marmore in Umbria

In Umbria you will see the most famous waterfall of Italy, situated at the end of the Nera Valley near Terni, the Marmore’s Falls.

There are 5 different paths to follow in the park where are located the waterfalls, accessible individually or with the help of an experienced guide; we suggest you to spend a whole day exploring these wonderful waterfalls (the total height is 165 meters), the result of human labor as since Roman Age, when the waters of Velino river was canalized to make them fall into the Nera River.

Terni panorama cascate delle marmore

Rio Verde Waterfall

cascate rio verde in Abruzzo

If you want to combine a visit to the waterfalls with the tour of a natural protected area, in Abruzzo you’ll find a wonderful place, the Regional Nature Reserve of Rio Verde falls, in province of Chieti. The Rio Verde Falls are the highest of the Apennines, are open to visitors all year round and are located in an area rich in vegetation and wildlife, in fact we suggest doing birdwatching and choosing one of the hiking trails available asking to the local guides.

Aniene Waterfall

Cascate Aniene a Villa Gregoriana

Aniene Waterfall are known also as a film set for many movies since the Sixties; the Aniene river flows near Tivoli, in Lazio, and these artificial waterfalls were created in 1826 by Pope Gregory XVI, because the river damaged the city by a flood.

The visit of the so-called Grand Waterfall is included in the tour of Villa Gregoriana, an area fully restored a few years ago because has a great value under the historical aspect and has always attracted foreigner travelers and is depicted in several paintings.

Walking along this peculiar romantic garden is a magic experience, you will understand why Villa Gregoriana is a park so liked by artists, and its charm is truly unrivalled.

The waterfalls are therefore an invitation to learn more about the beautiful natural areas in Italy, the ideal set for people who loved excursions and eco-friendly holidays.

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