Easter in Italy: our special tips

Easter festivities in 2013 will be on sunday 31st March and monday 1st April, just at the begin of spring, so you have a few days to decide where to go for the weekend and discover something new about our country. Let’s go to see the unique Italian heritage in 2 suitabel stages for this season, in fact we will go to the South, where some touristic venues are full of surprises for demanding travellers.

Sicily’s gems

Luxury holiday in Palermo If you want to avoid accidents for bad weather, Sicily is a great choice in this period: there isn’t crowding, the climate is mild and you can visit the art cities and the locations where the ancient myths are blended with the pleasure of luxury shopping. We suggest you a stay in Palermo, the chieftown of the region, for an exciting holiday in a resort with Spa in Sicily, a daydream for many tourists, expecially foreigners.

Thanks to the uniqueness of its venues, it was submitted to UNESCO the inscription for World Heritage Site of the Arab-Norman itinerary of Palermo and the cathedral churches of Cefalù and Monreale, which are a symbol of Sicilian identity since XI century. This island, in fact, had many dominations: the Arab rule was very important during the IX century and some traces remain also in the name of the streets and districts (Palermo was the city of 300 mosques).

Later the Norman came and conquered the city with the guidance of Ruggero d’Altavilla: a unique evidence of the Arab-Norman style is the Ponte dell’Ammiraglio, whic is visible from Corso dei Mille. Another must-see is the Palatine Chapel, a royal chapel consecrated in 1140 and located at the ground floor of Palazzo dei Normanni, the most ancient royal residence in Europe.

Our travel through centuries continues in a gloomy and peculiar venue, the Capuchin Catacombs, where there are 8000 embalmed corpses among which a body of a baby; a macabre show which was already a tourist stage during the XVII century (the Catacombs were visited also by Guy de Maupassant).

The next stage is Taormina, seaside resort which features an enchanting landscape and some archeological sites. We bet that Easter holidays are for you a chance to go shopping, so why don’t you go to the best boutiques of Taormina? We suggest Musumeci, that sells bags and accessoires of prestigious brands like Ralph Lauren and Valentino displayed in a chic way: the store has an hidden courtyard with precious furnitures and stone columns, a mix of ancient and modern.

A must for clothing is Parisi, born as tailor’s shop in 1959, then became a shop for men, women and children clothes. A typical product of this city are the colored pottery, a nice idea for a gift or souvenir: one of the most famous stores is Blue Royal at Corso Umberto, where to buy something before you leave.

The Easter weekend is perfect for a charming dive into Sicily, you’ll want to comeback as soon as possible.

Naples and Ischia, land of relax

Easter fair in Naples Another destination for top holidays is Campania, specifically Naples and the island of Ischia, two places very close which we suggest for an authentic discovery of nature and to enjoy the Eastern celebrations which here are very traditional. Before to arrive is better to choice a 5 stars hotel in Naples to enjoy a relaxing stay and plan your itinerary.

In Naples there will be the Easter Fair at the district of San Gregorio Armeno (in Decumani area, the name of the ancient streets which are the heart of the city); this fair involves the artisans shops which sell artistic items dedicated to the passion of Christ and offer to the public lessons about their own work, so you can know more about hand-made tricks of the trade. Among the shops there is the specialists in decored eggs with references to the Austrian style.

Until the 2nd April you can taste the Neapolitan traditions, for example gastronomy: the Easter sweets, in fact, are a delicacy to try at the local pastries, as the Pastiera, a pie cooked with grain, ricotta cheese, milk and orange. The complete schedule of the Fair is available at the official website: www.comune.napoli.it

There is an island Easter holidays in Ischia at the northern end of Gulf of Naples that is an oasis during this season: Ischia, easily reachable by boats and hydroplanes from Naples. The first thing you will notice are its gloden beaches and the clear sea, but Ischia is full of attractions also if you won’t go to the beach resorts.

Visit Piazzetta dei Pini to have an apertif or a drink at one of the coolest lounge bars, then go to Rive Droite, the right bank of the port, where you can meet people and join the exclusive parties at the trendy clubs as the Valentino discotheque. Ischia, in brief, is a beautiful location for shopping, entertainment, relax and culture, to get along with an event on Easter sunday, the “corsa dell’Angelo” (the Angel’s Run) in Forio, in the center of the island, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Is a religious performance which inlcudes a costume parade which celebrates the meeting of the Madonna with Jesus.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend a weekend in a charming place, attended by many Vips, it will be an extraordinary Easter.