The most exclusive wellness experiences in Italy

The period following the holiday season is generous with good intentions and plans for the future; one of these is about well-being, essential if you want to enjoy a trip, prepare yourself for new experiences and spend a stay in a different country in the best way.

In the last years the Spas have proliferated: these centers promise to get in shape and a perfect inner balance, however it is recommended to select a Spa that offers a wide range of customized treatments, because everyone needs an appropriate treatment, according to the recommendations of an experienced staff.
To explore the “mare magnum” of wellness centers and Spas in Italy, we preferred to check the range of the most exclusive and trendiest services: did you know that there are massages with gold leaf or with rose and champagne?
In addition to the services available we give you information about the places to be visited on a journey dedicated entirely to the relaxation, in order to regenerate yourself at the beginning of the year.

Massages with cirmolo wood in South Tyrol

Cirmolo massages South Tyrol

What the woods of pine have to do with the purification and toning of the body?
The tie is much closer than you might think, because the cirmolo (the name of this kind of wood used to build cabinets and especially for the sauna rooms) has many beneficial properties.
First, the scent of pine stimulates relaxation, and wooden sticks are used during the massage to slow the heart rate, relax muscles and improve blood supply.
Treatment includes the use of arnica alpine oil, which facilitates restorative effect, useful to deal effectively with the challenges of the winter season.
Massages with cirmolo wood are available at the Dolasilla Castle in San Vigilio di Marebbe, in South Tyrol. This Spa is considered a veritable temple of wellness and offers courses aimed specifically at women, since they include peeling and body styling (wrap with anti-cellulite products, and drainage massage) and wellness packages dedicated to men, with the anti-aging face treatment, a service increasingly requested by customers.

Precious experiences in a Spa in Lombardy


Every year the best Italian Spas receive a prize from the magazine Wellness Area, which established the Italian Spa Awards: one of the winners of the last edition, in the Medical Spa category, is the Exit Spa in Saronno, Lombardy.
We talk about it because this wellness center features over 12 fresh and salt water pools and 4 specific paths that fulfill the needs of everyone: the experiences are defined decontracting, relaxing, energizing and slimming; these wind through pools and hot zones, always with the assistance of expert staff.
Here is easy to eliminate all sources of stress and forget all worries, thanks to the steam baths at different temperatures, the aromatic bath, the path Frigidarium, the Soft and the Finnish Sauna, effective ways to get rid of toxins and get in shape.
There’s even the Cocoon room, where interactive video help to relax, and a salt room, Halos, recommended improving breathing and opening the pores of skin.
The cave, the last stage of the Waterfall path, houses a Jacuzzi, waterfalls and water jets, an emotion to try to revitalize you.

The most exclusive wellness experiences in Italy

Take advantage of a trip to Milan or an itinerary in Lombardy, you can go to the Spa during the day and come back, ready to visit the main attractions of the capital of fashion in Italy!

Roses, grapes and champagne: the top of wellness

Luxury wellness treatments in Italy


In Italy it isn’t widespread, but the wellness treatment with gold and hyaluronic acid gives incredible effects, easing facial wrinkles and toning the dehydrated skin.
Pure gold 24k, together with the active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, enhances the brightness of the face, not to mention the privilege of being “immersed” in a so precious raw material.

One of the Spas where you can do this treatment is the Giardino di Venere in Dossobuono, near Verona: this Spa offers, in addition to a large catalog of massages and wellness paths, treatment with rose petals and champagne, particularly pleasant due to the anti-aging grape and toning rose properties.


High quality centers are also in Southern Italy, for example in Campania stands Pausilya, in Naples, a wellness center overlooking the sea, specialized in thalassotherapy and thermal treatments.
The waters and mud of Pausilya Therme, in fact, are approved for their healing properties and the staff provides a range of treatments that affect both health and aesthetic beauty, a marriage to be pursued daily.
The source of the Spa is located in a volcanic caldera of Campi Flegrei. It’s amazing to find out that this source is located next to the palace of Donn’Anna, a noble palace dating back to XVII century, and realize that even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew that here the peace and well-being reign over everything.
The meaning of the Greek name Pausilypon, in fact is “peace from troubles”, the peacefulness that Pausilya Therme gives today to its guests.

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We hope that this trip devoted to luxury treatments and wellness packages inspire you for the next steps, the Belpaese always sets aside pleasant surprises for curious and selective tourists.

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