Fashion hi-tech, how to wear the future

The link between fashion and technology has always existed, but in the collective imagination these are two very far worlds: the fashion hi-tech is now a concrete fact and we aren’t amazed by the electronic components inside clothes.

Curiosity and passion for elegance are the reasons why we advice the last products of fashion hi-tech, discovering what scientists and stylists have in common.

The eco-fashion dresses LED

Eco fashion hi-tech dress

Diffus, a Danish design and architecture company, designed a dress that monitors the nearby air pollution levels, warning who wear it by 100 LED sensors. The dress is called Clima and is hand-sewn; sensors too are set in the embroidery of the garment and the result is so intriguing. Fashion and ecology are perfectly matched thanks to the talent of designers.

Ping, update your status with a garment

Ping social networking garment

This product is dedicated to who want to stay always connected to Facebook, also during a trip or when he walks around.

Ping si a social networking garment, created by Jennifer Darmour for ElectricFoxy, that is connected wirelessly to Facebook by bsensors and circuits inside the dress, translating movements in actions: customized messages and status updates (previously created). You can choose which messages to share and to know when someone comments or answers to a message, because Ping will notify you by tapping you on the shoulder!

Easy gestures like lift up the hood, tie a bow or zip up, connect yourselves to your social profile, communicating your instant mood. The wearable technology, in other words is going beyond sport and medical fields, that discovered for the first time the benefits of these inventions, and explores new way to express your own identity.

Heartbeat becomes a password

nymi heartbeat bracelet

The bracelet launched by Bionym is the solution for a problem that nag at everyone, the security of personal passwords.

This accessory, Nimy, is provided with a biometric system which identify the user based on biologic features. Nymi outclasses the others recognition systems based on retina and fingerprints because each person has a unique cardiac rhythm. The bracelet tracks your heart activity by two electrodes and authenticate your identity, connecting via bluetooth to all your devices (smartphone, tablet and pc).

Nymi is available only by pre-order and will be shipped at early 2014. Is has to be said: the heartbeat is the key for everything that matters!

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