Food and wine excellences in Friuli that you shouldn’t miss

The great hospitality and the availability of luxury accommodation facilities in Italy are related to the enogastronomical excellences, one of the hallmarks for foreign tourists.

The journey that we want to promote is recommended to who likes the combination of authenticity and luxury, and takes place in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the region where different peoples, languages and traditions produced a unique culture.
If you want a preview, remember that in Friuli there are the prosciutto di San Daniele DOP, 8 DOC zones for wine, cheese with herbs, fish specialties such as smoked trout.
We whetted your appetite? Follow this path across the flavors of Friuli!


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The best Friulian wines to taste

Vineyards in Friuli

Due to its geographical position and the shape of the territory (ranging from the mountains to the hills and the shores of the Adriatic Sea), Friuli has a large concentration of vineyards that produce both fine white wines and red wines with a unique taste.

First of all, the grape variety Friulano (called Tocai until 2007), from which derives a wine by the smell of bitter almonds; then the Ramandolo, a DOCG white wine to match with sweets; the Picolit, known for its strong sweetness, the Verduzzo Dei Colli Orientali, then the red wines, well represented by the Refosco, Terrano, the Pinot nero and the Schioppettino.

Here you will be spoilt for choice and the ideal wine tasting should include Tazzelenghe, local grape that produce a wine which owes its name to its robust flavor (Tazzelenghe mean “cuts the tongue” in Friulian language).

To visit a winery and join a wine tasting, the website Vino e Sapori shows the list of wineries where you can go without reservation; you can choose your favorite or let be tempted by your curiosity:

What to eat in Friuli

Food and wine excellences in Friuli

Who has never been in this region will be amazed by the incredible variety of products; here we mention some of the most peculiar: the Formadi frant cheese, produced with scraps of alpine cheese but far from poor taste; the Pitina, basically a meatball to which are added salt, garlic and black pepper.
The Brovada is a turnip soaked in red grape skins and long-cooked in the pot, a specialty paired with pork meat, in particular the so-called muset, a sausage that resembles the cotechino.

Friuli typical pasta

Another Friulian delicacy is the pumpkin gnocchi, topped with smoked ricotta and morchia (hazelnut butter with toasted polenta), a very good dish especially during the winter season.

An exhibition to match with food and wine specialties


Credits Mirò exhibition:

On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Joan Miró, held at Villa Manin in Codroipo (near Udine), you can take part in a thematic route, because the ticket includes a tasting of three glasses of wine at one of the participating wineries.
The genius of Miró has also inspired the chefs of the restaurants included in the Taste Experience circuit, which have devised a creative menu that shows the colors of the Catalan artist in the delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients.
For further information visit this link:

Before leaving check the website dedicated to Friulian cuisine, take the chance to taste the many influences in tune with each other:


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