Going to Piedmont in summer

This time we explore a region with a strong touristic attraction which derives from a wide range of offers, designed to fulfill travelers: Piedmont is a land that gathers many Italian excellences, in fact foreign tourists are intrigued by a place where rises the first capital of the nation (Turin, declared capital in 1861, when Savoy ruled Italy). You can follow our advices for an itinerary through Piedmont, in the sign of the amazing landscape and the astounding artistic heritage.

The pureness of landscape on the mountaintop

Fenestrelle fortress in Piedmont

The mountains of this region are crowded by Medieval castles and abbeys, as the biggest fortress of Alps, Fenestrelle, open to the public during the summer. Reservation is required for visits and excursions: you can reach the most thrilling panoramic views on the top of the fortress, at 1800 mt.

A very popular destination, for people who likes Medieval architecture, is the Sacra di San Michele, located on mount Pirchiriano, an abbey built in XI century that is also reachable by guided tours, which include a visit to the cave of the Sacra, where there are the green stones used to build the portal of the church. Next meeting is on 31st August, the tour will start from Turin and the excursion lasts the entire day. www.sacradisanmichele.com

If you wish a regal stay you’ll be surprised from the royal residences in Piedmont, an essential part of Italian history.

A royal summer at Reggia di Venaria

<a href="http://www.globeimages.net"><img   src="http://www.globeimages.net/data/media/186/reggia_di_venaria_reale__turin.jpg"   border="0" alt="reggia_di_venaria_reale__turin.jpg"></a>

This palace, born as hunting residence, turned many times its function, but thanks to the talent of the architects Filippo Juvarra and Benedetto Alfieri find its identity; today the Reggia di Venaria (easily reachable from Turin) is a complex which included an old town centre, a Baroque style palace, the Park of La Mandria, where numerous species of wild animals live in complete freedom and, above all, the gardens, a truly emotional experiences for tourists. Piedmont is the suitable destination for luxury holidays, thanks to its history and its royal vocation.

During summer, the Gardens of Reggia di Venaria also offer theater performances to make your visit unforgettable; for a sweet break we recommend the Caffè degli Argenti, an elegant café with panoramic terrace and menus selected by the star-studded chef Alfredo Russo. www.lavenaria.it

Taste a precious wine in a medieval hamlet

Barolo doc wine tasting

Piedmont is the land of Barolo, one of the most renowned DOC wines in the world, produced from the Nebbiolo grapes in Langhe area. In Barolo there is a castle, dated back to XIII century, which now hosts the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo and the Wine Museum, the perfect venue for a Barolo tasting and to buy the most precious bottles.

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, takes place the Barolo Wine Festival, a special event dedicated to enogastronomy, livened up by jugglers, musicians and others street artists. www.enotecadelbarolo.it

In Piedmont there are many high-value tourist activities, here each town has a prestigious tradition to discover, you will be fascinated by the uniqueness of this land!

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