Handmade Italian Shoes, 5 luxury brands

Did you know that Italy is the largest producer of footwear in the European Union, the tenth in the world and the seventh exporter of luxury shoes?

The footwear industry is one of the spearheads of Made in Italy fashion, so we think that is a very good choice to buy handmade shoes from who has a long experience as an artisan.

Even before to suggest you some prestigious brands, recall what are the Italian regions where are concentrated the shoemakers: Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Apulia, where there are districts suited to the respect for the craftsmanship accompanied by constant research and the necessary innovation in production processes.

Buy a pair of tailored shoes to give additional elegance and class to your favorite outfits is a necessary step in developing a unique style.
Visit the most exclusive brands and let tempted by new collections of handmade shoes made in Italy we have selected.


Handmade Italian Shoes, 5 luxury brands

Think about the sentence “the shoes always tell the truth“: a pair of handmade shoes expresses more than any other garment the personality of the wearer.

Santoni, active since 1975 in Milan, understood the tradition and innovation as the two pillars of his creations, which are available in the collections Man, Woman, Junior and Accessories. Among the finest men’s shoes is the Limited Edition, a product that any gentleman would wear. Santoni-scarpe

Bruno Magli


It’s 1936 when, in Bologna, Bruno Magli began producing women’s shoes in his workshop. Today this brand has showrooms around the world and continues to maintain its headquarters in Bologna.

Surely you’ve seen the Bruno Magli shoes, as they were often worn by Vips like Jared Leto, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zoe Saldana; furthermore, some women’s shoes by this brand appear in famous movies such as Basic Instinct and Pretty Woman.

It’s important to know that the creation of a bespoke shoe takes time, so even shopping changes partially meant, sacrificing the immediacy in return for excellence, the sublime beauty of a unique product, made exclusively for you.

Regarding the processing time required, it ranges from 35 to 40 hours for a men’s shoe with seam sealed and double stitched sole, and about 10 hours for a women shoe.


Giuseppe Valli


From Tuscany to Emilia Romagna: a journey covered more than 100 years ago by Giuseppe Valli, who began making bespoke shoes in Modigliana, where still the laboratory is located.

Valli’s shoes are particularly in demand from businessmen, who know the importance of a recognizable style, but his collections attract the interest of different types of customers, even on accessories like belts made to measure.
The skill and experience in this area are crucial, considering that the steps necessary for a men’s shoe stitched welt are about 220!

Adriano Stefanelli


If you always wanted to buy a pair of shoes from the same craftsman who worked for Heads of State, Nobel Prize winners and many other celebrities, you should know Adriano Stefanelli, who opened his shop in Novara in 1956.

Stefanelli has created unique models for the Popes (as John Paul II and Benedict XVI), tributes to top brands like Ferrari, a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy and a pair of shoes exclusively for the Expo 2015.

Give yourselves the unique emotion to wear a tailored pair of shoes made by a very talented artist as Stefanelli: craftsmanship never goes out of fashion.


Calzoleria Rivolta


Certainly you already know the Fashion District in Milan: here, on Via della Spiga, is the Calzoleria Rivolta, a landmark for all the fans of Made in Italy style.
Compared to the origins – the shop’s history began in 1883 – today the technology contributes to enhance the uniqueness of the final product.

At the store, in fact, you can try the digital scanner that detects the coordinates of thousands of points on the foot and creates a 3D model, to enable selection of the materials, the sole and the hue according to your personal taste.

The classic collection of Rivolta, however, is so valuable to have deserved the mention in the Dictionary of Fashion edited by Guido Vergani, confirmation of an extraordinary talent that crosses all the changes of the last decades.

Handmade Italian shoes are also a perfect and durable gift, sought by every true fashionista.
After wearing shoes so special, we are sure that you won’t give up more to the sublime quality of Made in Italy.

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