Holydays in a Relais, a new way to enjoy Italy

The most experts travellers, beauty lovers and passionate of originality are often looking for exclusive routes for their own holidays, in an hotel with strong identity and history. Throughout Italy you can book enchanting relais and charming abodes, accommodation facilities that express cosyness as an art and offer high quality and customized services.

The word relais is French and reminds to venues where to stop for a relaxing break before to continue your own trip. Today the meaning is changed, in fact is related to hotels, often small sized, that feature elegant design and homely mood, managed by owners that care for details.

Who has a relais chose to dedicate himself to a unique venue that can be enhanced, and could be for guests a jewel to keep among the most beautiful memories. These hotels are suggested to travellers that desire a complete immersion in a magic place, because the touristic attractions are combined with the amenities of the relais, for example top cars excursions, horse ridings, cooking lessons with local chefs, trekking, guided tours to the surrounded cities, in other words the precious outline amplifies the charm of the selected location.

The favorite regions for relais are Umbria, Tuscany, Lombardy but all the country has hidden treasures: real excellence suites, special offers only for brief periods, seasonal promotional packages, delicious gastronomical menus, an invite to start a travel and forget the routine of daily life.

Who loves cuddles could enjoy the Spa, located inside these hotels, that offer privacy and intimacy and give that sensation of exclusiveness and that romantic feeling that no one can boast. If you are planning holidays for the next Christmas, or an escape for a weekend during winter, the selections of our guide won’t disappoint you, you have only to join the website and book your favorite period.

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