Italian fashion, shopping and vintage cars in September

What to do the next month if you will be in Italy on holiday? Many travellers now are wondering about it, so this post is a collection of advices about stylish events that are coming on the last summer month and before fall, in the sign of elegance, vintage passion and exclusive meetings in various Italian venues.

Vogue Fashion Night: shopping in Milan

luxury shopping in milan Let’s start with an extraordinary international event, the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, hosted in 19 countries all over the world: in Italy will take place in Milan on 6th September, in Rome on 13th and Florence on 18th.

Is a white night for luxury shopping: the most prestigious boutiques in the historical center will be open from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm and only tonight will host cocktail parties, dj-set and exclusive items on sale.

In Milan will take place in the area called “high-fashion district”, that includes via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via della Spiga, Corso Venezia.

If you have decided to stay in a charming relais, can take advantage of Fashion Night joining a night itinerary in Brera, a guided tour to discover this district and the architectural style of the buildings in this area. Go shopping and see special events is a great way to spend an exciting night in the most stylish city in Italy.

Vintage cars Grand Prix in Mantua

Vintage cars in Lombardy The traditional meeting with the vintage cars race comes back from 21st to 23rd September starting from Mantua, in Lombardy. The Grand Prix is entitled to Tazio Nuvolari, the legendary pilot that won a lot of races between ’20s and ’40s and invented driving techniques used to this day in rallies.

If you want to see vintage cars racing we inform you that the competition starts from Mantua, stops in Rimini and comes back to Mantua across Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna: is ideal to book a 5 stars hotel in Emilia Romagna and follow a route similar to the Grand Prix, discovering the most beautiful locations of the region.

Precious exhibitions in Rome

luxury events in rome An artist that is rarely present in the Italian exhibitions is Johannes Vermeer, so don’t miss the cance to visit Vermeer. Il secolo d’oro dell’arte olandese at Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome, a selection of extremely rare works of the Dutch painter (author of Girl with a Pearl Earring), together with 50 artworks of his contemporaries. The exhibition is scheduled from 27th September to 20th January 2013 and is one of the most important events of the Eternal City, destined to a great success.

The mix between fashion, famous brands and refined parties is a distinctive feature of Made In Italy, a call that resonates strongly now, more than ever, for who set his own lifestyle on elegance.

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