Italy is the favorite destination by Vip

Italy, also known as Belpaese, is an important destination for people that loves travel, and during the centuries attracted many personalities that here found inspiration or have changed their own lifestyle.

Poets, writers, musicians, travellers, actors from all around the world told Italy and celebrated its beauty. Now the times has changed but the charme remains the same: in fact, here there are the most part of the World Heritage Sites listed by Unesco.

Besides Italy is the country of elegance, haute couture and gourmet, with the advantage of a lovely climate in every season: let’s have a look at the favorite destinations by Vips and which will be the trends for 2011. Our travel into the excellence starts with a classic: the Lake of Como, discovered by George Clooney some years ago. He bought two villas in Laglio and made this venue the best place for who likes romanticism. Also Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited the banks of the lake.The Lake Maggiore, on the south side of the Alps, is in great demand and seems that the popstar Madonna found here a luxury abode, how you can resist to the enchantment of a location that charmed a lot of important figures like Hemingway? About lakes we suggest also Bracciano, in Lazio, where to admire the Natural Reserve of Monterano and the castle Orsini-Odescalchi, chosen as a set by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their wedding. The unpolluted climate of the area convinced also Will Smith to look for a luxury dwelling place here.

Among the most famous destinations selected by Vips we have to mention Sardinia, the island where elegance, luxury and relax are in harmony; every year many prestigious tourists spend their holidays here, in spite of the objectives of the photographers that take pictures of each instant. Among people that chosen Costa Smeralda as a retreat we can mention Peter Gabriel, a true connoisseur of beauty and exclusiveness.

If shopping is your passion, so follow Paris Hilton, that in Portofino, in Liguria, found the ideal venue where to match haute couture boutiques and dreamy landscape. Located in province of Genoa and overlooking on Ligurian Riviera, Portofino is a little village, one of the most liked by Generic Cialis | Tadalafil Citrate best price with Overnight Delivery foreign tourists, so is a must stop for a suggestive itinerary of Italy.

Venice is renowned for its romantic lagoon and recently is attended by Woody Allen and Elton John, but now another location is a new trend, in South Italy. It’s Apulia, for its beaches and the high quality of life, a treasure to discover, as the Academy Awarded actress Helen Mirren knows, because bought a masseria in province of Lecce. The masseria is a typical farmhouse now reinvented in luxury relais and peculiar accommodation facilities. These masserias are also well-equipped with wellness center, swimming pools and a lot of services.

Who desires to discover the most beautiful face of South can go to Sicily, the island that perfumes of oranges and that offers elegant and precious hotels and 5 stars relais, where the sea and the sky give welcome to tourists with bright colors, thanks to the summer climate in every season. Here Mick Hucknall of Simply Red wanted to open a winery to grow his passion for gourmet.

The others favorite destination are again the green Umbria and Tuscany, thanks to the wonderful landscapes, the Renaissance monuments and, of course, the great wines. One of the celebrities that loves Tuscany is Sting, but many people book their own holidays in the medieval towns of this region, not only Florence or Siena, but also less known locations. Rod Stewart, Michael Douglas and John Malkovich are looking here the solution for stress thanks to an immersion in a breathtaking and cosy nature.

We can do it just as them: who loves the uniqueness has to visit Italy and choose an hotel on an historical luxury abode to enjoy his stay in the best way.