Marche: useful tips for relaxing holidays

Who needs an amazing journey and an unusual destination should go to Marche: this region, in fact, is less known comapred with others Italian locations but sets aside a lot of choices for luxury holidays, so let have a look at the towns to visit and the most involving activities to do during an itinerary of the Marches.

Urbino, an excellence of Renaissance

Luxury holidays in Urbino Begin a read more here travel through Marche from Urbino is a good idea because is one of the most enchanting art cities in Italy and is very peculiar in regards to urban and architectural style. Its historical center was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site thanks to its harmony with the surrounding landscape (which features hills and mountains, in fact rises at 451 meters above the level sea), and because during the Renaissance age drew many artists and humanists, becoming a landmark for who loves preciousness and charm.

One of the evidences of Urbino uniqueness is Palazzo Ducale, built during XV century by the Duke Federico di Montefeltro, is a venue that throughout the years it was extended by various architects and here you can admire the Studiolo, keep unaltered over centuries. This room represents the lavish style of the Urbino court, features intarsia works on the wall which create a really amazing optical effect . The Studiolo was a studio dedicated to contemplation, today is one of the most important legacy of Italian Renaissance.

The Ducal Palace hosts also the National Gallery of the Marche, where to see collections of works by Raphael, Piero della Francesca and Federico Barocci, olny to mention a few. About Raphael, in Urbino you can visit his house, now a museum where to discover his firsts frescoes and others early artworks.

A recommended stage is Duomo, rebuilt in neoclassical style after the earthquake of 1789, based on a project ny the architect Giuseppe Valadier. The interior, Latin cross-shaped, has three white aisles and a coffer ceiling. Urbino is also a renowned university town, the “Carlo Bo” is one of the most ancient university in Europe (it was founded in 1506) and its students are more than the inhabitants of Urbino, a sign of the eminent tradition of this town.

A few steps from seaside and countryside

Relaxing tour to Marche This region is located in a strategical position, because here there are parks, natural reserved areas (a daydream for lovers of naturalistic holydays) and renowned seasides, well-equipped for tourists (you can choose among 26 venues that overlook Adriatic Sea). Choosing an historical residence in Marche you can appreciate the precious gems of this land, that waits for the most demanding and curious travellers.

Our route continues towards Monti Sibillini, a mountain range situated between Marche and Umbria, a rare jewel: here you can see the edelweiss of the Apennines and many floral species, or search the sky to admire the golden eagle or the peregrine falcon. According to the legend, on these mountains magic rites happened, in fact the name of the mountains derives from Sibilla, a mythological figure which predicted future. Near to Monte Sibilla there is the Grotta della Sibilla (Sybil’s Cave ), reachable only by walk and partially collapsed, a place that inspired many legends.

About seaside resorts, we suggest Senigallia, famous for its “velvet beaches” and its very thin sand, the best for summer holidays. Besides to beach properties, the restaurants and clubs, Senigallia is interesting for the Rocca Roveresca, a castle which now houses art exhibitions and cultural events.

Senigallia is a suitable destination for family holidays but also for groups of friends because here, thanks to the mild climate, you can spend pleasant days at the beach and relaxing moments at the historical center.

Recanati, the prestigious cultural tradition of Marche

Recanati Top Guide A beautiful completion to your nice stays in a 5 stars hotel in Marche is the discover of one of the most important historical personality born in this region. We are talking about Giacomo Leopardi, and you could plan a tour to Recanati, a romantic town full of amazing views.

The Palazzo Leopardi, where to the great poet lived, is open to public and has a big library with more than 20.000 books, then you can go to the Colle dell’Infinito, the top of Monte Tabor celebrated by Leopardi in his famous poem: walk through the park and enjoy the emotions which inspired the soul of Leopardi, it will be a unique experience. Recanati features a panorama which wraps up the gaze, is a “terrace city” because the towns are strewn among valleys, hills and plains.

The claim of Marche, in fact, is Italy in one region, so you will find here the main naturalistic attractions in a small land rich of excellences.