Private holidays, the top 5 islands in Italy

In recent years, there is much talk about private islands and the opportunity to buy an islet to escape from the standard routes of a vacation.

In Italy, most of the islands are not accessible to the public because are natural reserves or protected areas of incomparable beauty and only in some cases there is the chance to purchase a part of an island, so you can usually book guided tours or plan your own excursion.
Let’s find out the top 5 of the most charming islands and begin to dream of living in a truly unique place.

This post is a result of the collaboration with the local experts team of Delphina Hotels & Resorts, a collection of luxury accommodations provided with the most requested facilities in a  amazing Sardinia.

Gallinara Island


This small island lies in the Riviera di Ponente in Liguria and is part of the municipality of Albenga; is a natural reserve and usually is not accessible because is private property but by excursions you can enjoy its beauty
Gallinara Island, in fact, has the shape of a turtle and is home to one of the largest colonies of herring gulls in the Ligurian Sea; the island is reachable by motorboat and is a small natural paradise because it has always been reserved for few people.

Its name derives from the presence of wild chickens that lived here in the past.

Island of Sirens


Sicily is a popular tourist destination known for its pristine beaches and the beauty of its archaeological sites but maybe you don’t know that in the Bay of the Sirens there is an island of 3500 square meters for sale, a pearl surrounded by clear blue sea.
The Island of Sirens is located near Taormina and offers the opportunity to renovate a villa with guest house near to the harbor; the cliffs overhanging the sea gives you a breathtaking view, a dream for those who have always wanted an escape from everyday life.

Tavolara Island


The legendary Tavolara Island is located in Sardinia and belongs to the Marzano family, boasts an impressive limestone massif overlooking the sea, beautiful beaches with white sand and two restaurants.
Therefore represents a perfect destination for a trip from Olbia by ferry or private boat.

Every summer hosts a film festival called “Una notte in Italia”.

Santo Stefano Island


Off the coast between Lazio and Campania there is a small uninhabited island of volcanic origin, characterized by steep cliffs and accessible by local boats. It is the Santo Stefano Island, located 2 km from Ventotene: discover the magical mood of an island where there is a prison built by the Bourbons, now disused, often picked as a film set.

The island is currently for sale and negotiations are confidential.

Budelli Island


The history of this island is special: thanks to its pink beach (which owes its typical color to microscopic fragments of corals and shells) and the uniqueness of its natural heritage is subject to environmental restrictions and you cannot build anything.
Budelli Island is the pearl of the Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia and was purchased for approximately € 3 million.

However, just in 2014 the Italian government will begin the process to repurchase the island to preserve this jewel, however inhabited only by a keeper.

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