Romantic Places in Italy: Capri and Portofino

Must see in Capri

Would you like to spend a vacation visiting the most romantic places in Italy, away from mass tourism, discovering the most celebrated venues by selective travelers?
We will take you on a journey to Capri and Portofino, two destinations that symbolize prestige, charming landscape and the pleasure of luxury shopping.

What to see in Capri

What to see in Capri

To describe this island we can refer to the colors that dominate the scenery: the green of the Mediterranean scrub, where you will see agaves, prickly pears and junipers, the white limestone, which accentuate the brilliance of the island on sunny days, the blue sea water where you can discover the hidden beauties of Capri.

As Sartre wrote, “Capri is sacred, the goal is not to see her, but to feel a certain quality of emotion”, so we recommend you to dedicate all your time to explore this island, the only one which hasn’t volcanic origin among those islands in the Gulf of Naples.

Capri can be reached by boat, motor vessel and ferry, we advise you to start your visit with a guided tour by sea because it includes the main sights as Marina Grande (where there are the beach and private beach clubs), Villa Malaparte (the architectural masterpiece of Adalberto Libera), and the typical Faraglioni.

It is no by chance if the Faraglioni of Capri is one of its most well-known attractions, as the three rocky peaks were frequently a picturesque backdrop for movies: see them from the Gardens of Augustus, the botanical gardens designed in terraces, are close to the main square of Capri, here you’ll enjoy an evocative and dreamy landscape.
Each Faraglione has a name: Saetta, Stella and Scopolo, where lives the rare blue-tinted lizard, a sign of exclusiveness of this island.

During the itinerary a must see is the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), known even by Roman emperors and used as a private swimming pool. Because the cave is partially submerged, the external light creates very suggestive games of light that vary according to the weather, a good reason to visit it more than one time.

Capri is an island full of prestigious villas, among which there is the house-museum Villa San Michele, built by Axel Munthe, Swedish physician and author who wanted to hold in this elegant house the archaeological finds that he collected during his long stay in Capri.
Today the villa is open to the public every day and besides sarcophagi, marble sculptures and columns of different ages; it has a terrace with sea view, a vantage point where to fall in love with Capri.

Shopping addicted in Capri

Luxury shopping in Capri

The meeting place par excellence in Capri is the little square La Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I); populated by bars, where you can meet actors on vacation, fashion stars and worldwide celebrities who surrendered to the charm of the island.

Our recommended shopping experience begins at via Camerelle: here are located the main luxury boutiques as Grey Flannel, Gucci, Fendi, La Parisienne, all the best at your fingertips, so we are confident that you will not come back home empty-handed.
If you love shoes you should go shopping like Jackie Kennedy: the elegant first lady adored the typical Capri sandals and she used to buy several pairs of shoes.

These handmade sandals are as simple as unique: choose your favorite strap is a stylish choice.
The homemade perfumes are another Caprese peculiarity, because at the workshops the craftsmen realize the essences with flowers and plants that grow on the island, creating a product that reflects the delicate soul of Capri.
The monks of Certosa di San Giacomo already knew this tradition in the XV century, so buy a perfume means to take with you a piece of history of Capri.

Finally, the limoncello is a typical product of which you won’t forget the aroma: the local lemons lend a unique flavor to this liquor, served since the XIX century to the prestigious guest of the island.

The picturesque and exclusive Portofino

Exclusive Portofino

Portofino is located in a bay at the slopes of the Tigullio promontory, in Liguria, and has always been a popular destination for foreign tourists, thanks to the mild climate throughout the year and the out of the ordinary landscape, since it is a fishing village with houses painted overlooking the sea, one of the most enchanting stretches of the Italian Riviera (Riviera di Levante).

In other words, the fishing village of Portofino has become a high-class tourist gem, a destination that is never out of fashion.

Main Sights of Portofino

Brown Castel in Portofino

First of all, discover the panoramic views of Portofino, whose ancient name was Portus Delphini (because of the many dolphins that inhabit the Gulf of Tigullio): the Brown Castle, a fortress of great visual impact that has been entirely renovated; today hosts exhibitions and events.
Walking in the garden and admire the magnificent view of the village from the terraces, the charm of Portofino will enchant you.

In a so magic place you cannot miss an outdoor museum with artworks by artists from all over the world: the Park Museum is the International Centre for Outdoor Sculpture, a rich collection of sculptures surrounded by the lush greenery of the park.
Pomodoro, Costa, Messina, Chromy e Beuys are some of the artists included in the collection, visit the Museum is the easiest way to enjoy the unique mood of Portofino.

Must see in Portofino

Regarding the coming events is useful to know that in September takes place Classical Portofino – International Music Festival, a prestigious series of concerts of classical music hosted at the Municipal Theatre, while in July and August the most interesting event is Festival del Balletto (Ballet Festival) in Rapallo, now coming to its 21st edition.

Rapallo is located just a few kilometers from Portofino and the festival, hosted at the theatre Villa Porticciolo, is an opportunity to see the performances of the best companies in ballet, contemporary dance and Argentine tango; we suggest going to the festival if you are planning to visit Liguria in summer.

Build your own itinerary, Capri and Portofino are equivalent to prestige and elegance, a great attraction for the most insatiable tourists.

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