Routes in Tuscany: the Nobile di Montepulciano Road

Know the places where DOC products are born, discover landscapes that reminds to beautiful paintings, stay in a dwelling abode full of history is a chance for every traveller, and in Italy is a must.

There are many itineraries that include all these ingredients and, in addition, a bit of exclusiveness: we are talking about Tuscany and in particular of Montepulciano Noble Wine Road. We are in the south-east of the region, between Val di Chiana and Val d’Orcia hills, an area that favors the production of this famous wine.

Prestigious destinations in Tuscany

The legend tells that Montepulciano was founded by the Etruscan king Lars Porsenna and some archeological finds represent the wine god Flufluns, or rather Bacchus, so the history of this location is tied to high quality wine.


The name Noble Wine derives from the tradition of the aristocracy, that in the past claimed this wine as their favorite, and because many producers was nobles. Then the wine was declared DOCG and is renowned worldwide, becoming an attraction for the tourists that want excellent enogastronomy and desire to discover the places where is born.

The selected grapes for this wine are sangiovese and canaiolo nero, submitted to a period of aging of 2 years. The guided tours are bookable at the Information Center of Noble Wine Route, at Piazza Grande in Montepulciano. Among the available routes we suggest the educational tour, to understand the differences between grapes variety, recognize the perfume and the color of this precious wine.

Things to see in Montepulciano

A very important historical competition is Bravio delle Botti, an event that takes place the last sunday of August in the histroical center of the city. Is a contest among the 8 medieval contradas to win the Bravio, a painted cloth banner depicting the city’s patron saint, San Giovanni Decollato. The competitors push huge wooden wine barrels for about a kilometer uphill along the streets, a very original race!

Thanks to the costume parade you can do a sort of time travel, among knights and ladies. An interesting destination, full of surprises, for your holidays in province of Siena.

Exclusiveness and history with the romantic landscapes of Crete Senesi

After you tasted the most famous red wine of the region, is very enchanting to visit Crete Senesi, that are different from the rest of Tuscany for the bare aspect, the sunflower fields and the horizon, that looks endless.

This area, in the South-East side of Siena, is represented in our collection by Pieve a Pava, prestigious guesthouse that was in the past a rural church. Only five rooms for demanding guests, a countryhouse that now is a little jewel, favorite by many artists.

Amazing gardens, an external swimming pool, a living room where to listening to music or read a book: this is a part of a very stylish holiday. Pieve a Pava besides organizes cooking classes and olive harvest, in November, to admire the treasures of Tuscany.

The Crete Senesi are one of the most exciting venues of the regions, above all for who likes photography: the landscapes are unique and many tourists are fatally attracted by these views.