Saturnia: enchanting waterfalls, historic thermal baths and wellness paths

Water, symbol of life, is the predominant element in Tuscan Maremma: the waterways affected, over the centuries, the valleys and clefts that today are the features of Saturnia, a name that for many tourists stands for pure relaxation.

It is surprising to know that in the past the thermal waters of this area were considered haunted because of the vapors and the smell of sulfur, an element associated with the devil.

Today the waterfalls of Saturnia are a gem of nature and the thermal baths are the favorite destination for those who wishes a wellness treatment and at the same time wants to stay in a place full of attractions.

Sulfurous waters in Maremma greenery

Sulfurous waters in Maremma greenery

Close to the thermal stream flows Gorello, whose sulphurous waters shape a series of waterfalls and natural pools that make this part of the Maremma a sort of painting with strong colors.

You can admire this artwork by day and in the full moon nights when the sky is clear. The falls are accessible to everyone and are an irresistible enticement for those who want to enjoy the warm waters, renowned for their beneficial properties, known since the Etruscan age.

A few meters away from Gorello rises the Spa Camelia Wellness Care, that thanks to a wide range of treatments complete the wellness experience of tourists who book a holiday in Saturnia..

Saturnia Tuscany Hotel

The salt water pool, outside the Spa, is an opportunity to take a dip surrounded by pristine nature of Maremma. This Spa is part of Saturnia Tuscany Hotel, accommodation facility tuned with the landscape, as the architectural style reminds to a country house with the addition of rooms and large apartments provided with modern facilities.

Stay here is a good idea if you want to match the wellness paths to amazing itineraries, because in Maremma even the most discerning traveler can be fulfilled.

Trails to explore on horseback in Tuscany

There are many ways to travel and discover new places, but if we talk about excursions nothing compares to a horse ride, an experience which reminds to butteri, the typical cattle breeders who populated Maremma respecting its habitat, patiently evolved through the centuries.

The same patience is a feature of the horses at the Stable Il Varastino, which organizes horseback excursions to discover the valleys and plains that color the horizon.

A horse can reach otherwise inaccessible places, so this is an activity recommended to people looking for something different than a standard route.

Artworks in the Daniel Spoerri Garden

Daniel Spoerri

The surroundings of Saturnia are a source of inspiration for artists, the evidence is the Daniel Spoerri Garden, opened in the late Nineties by the Swiss artist Spoerri, who has invited 50 artists to create sculptures scattered in a garden of about 16 hectares.

The park is open from Easter to October and is a Maremma exclusivity and a compelling reason to visit one of the most luxuriant areas of Tuscany. It is exciting to see that so many people from around the world have decided to express their creativity in a garden that has become an open-air museum full of unique pieces.

Typical Maremma dishes

Typical Maremma dishes

Recommend a stay in Maremma neglecting the gastronomic delights would be a mistake, as in the rest of the region food and wine are of excellent quality, so we suggest to taste the local products at restaurants and taverns in the surroundings. Pappardelle with hare sauce are a delicious first course, a treasure trove of flavors that fulfills the appetite of gourmets, such as wild boar dumplings, recipe handed down by local farmers.

The ultimate, however, are the Chianina meat dishes, breed of cattle bred for over 2000 years: one of the restaurants offering these specialties is La Maremma, a big venue in Scarlino, near Grosseto. You must get along these dishes with a Tuscan wine, for example a Chianti classico or Brunello di Montalcino, pairings that seduce even the most demanding palate.

The ways of well-being are many; one that leads to Saturnia is full of surprises and allows travelers to learn the true meaning of “authenticity”.

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