What to see in Ogliastra, Sardinia

Sardinia Italy’s second largest island boasts beautiful beaches and coves a natural set diversified with sea, mountains, isolated towns and villages. A paradise in the heart of the mediterranean sea with it’s crystalline water and white sandy beaches so as to be the only area in Europe similar to the Carribean beaches where you can swim ,canoe, dive and sail and snorkel.

Here you can admire the brighting colour of the sea changes as the light advances up the sky. The interior of the island is still wild and uncontaminated and it offers a particular landscape of unspoilt beauty where you can do a lot of activities and excursions such as cycling, rock climbing and walking.


The clear blue sea that laps the shores of the island is an invitation to dive, to savor this precious good that nature, in Sardinia, offers so generously. The beaches of Sardinia are so many and so different so as to make the choice almost embarrassing. That’s why we decided to enclose the most beautiful on this page, the ones that are well worth a stop during your trip. In this handy infographic you will find the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia; share it and bring it with you during your holiday in Sardinia.


If you want to discover the best of the eastern coastal area of Sardinia you don’t have to miss our travel tips about Ogliastra one of the most fascinating area of Sardinia. The best travel guide and suggested itinerary, the best things to see in the area of Ogliastra, where to eat and where to stay in one of the most uncontaminated area of the Medietarreanen.

Most beautiful Beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Ogliastra are Santa Maria Navarrese made up of a series of sandy and stoney beaches in a pretty environment with clear medium depth waters. Here you can admire a Spanish tower, and a tourist port used as a strrting point of the excursions to the coves.


From Baunei it can be reached the beaches of the roses “Spiaggia delle Rose” from which you can see the Isolotto di Ogliastra, the Supramonte and the famous Faraglione della Pedra Longa.

Porto Frailis, San Gemiliano, il Golfetto, Foxilione and Lido Orrì are the best beaches of Tortolì. The area is characterized by white sandy beaches protected by dunes with green hues of Mediterranean vegetation and the clear waters make it a favourite destination of snorkelling enthusiasts.


In Arbatax behind the petrol station you can admire the Rocce Rosse (red rocks). Like the ruins of some fairy-tale castle, these bizarre, weather-beaten rock formations dropping into the sea are well worth a camera shot or two, framed in the distance by the imperious cliffs of the southern Ogliastra and Golfo di Orosei.

Lotzoroi is a sandy beach charcaterized by depth waters and rocks to the north from wich you can reach the Gulf of Orosei.  In Sardinia you can also find Coccorocci beach with its blue water what it is defined a musical beach beacuse of the noise produced by the gray, pink and green stony beaches when they are moved by the wave.

The hidden Coves

We start our itineray with the hidden coves and best beaches exposed on the gulf of Orosei that can be reached with private boats or organized tours leaving from the port of Arbatax and from Santa Maria Navarrese. Some of these nay be reached by walking or more easily by the sea with boats and inflatables. One of the most important is the Cala di Goloritzè in Baunei dominated by the Monte Caroddi a needle of rock beloved by climbers, and characterized by an enchanting sea and a stunning view on the gulf.


The trails takes you through a beautiful canyon made by caves, dramatic rock arches. Then there is the Cala Luna one of the most renowned beach in Sardinia. It is charcaterized by dazzling white beach and an intense blue water. Here there are lot of natural caves with their paricular beaches and a wild nature. Other beautiful coves in Sardinia that you shouldn’t miss are

Cala Tramontana, La Grotta degli Innamorati, cala Scirocco, Cala dei Gabbiani, cala Marilou.

Where to Eat

The structure is wll equipped with all comforts and here you an enjoy your time having romantic dinner on the beach. You should absolutely try the Capannina a restaurant which offers a great amount of typical dishes of fresh fishes.


The Trattoria Lenin and Laboratorio di Luciano and Rosetta are two places you don’t have to miss.

Land and sea excursions

The area of Ogliastra offers the possibility to do a lot of land and sea excursions in order to discover the best of the area, with its amazing coastline with crystal-clear waters and scattered peaks which leave space for wonderful coves. The area of the coves it’s perfect for snorkeling or to do excursion to arrive to the inaccessible places. While on board you will see spectacular peaks and suggestive caves in an amazing panorama of colours.


Ogliastra with its amazing landscapes in the Mediterranean made by several natural monuments, uncontaminated beaches, trekking and mountain bike pathways and climbing itineraries. It is possible to cover the itineraries on foot, by bike or horseback, by car to discover unique and unforgettable place.

One of the best way to discover the diversified scenerery of Ogliastra is by doing a journey into the soul of the town in its inner uncontaminated part. You can climb up the vertical rocky walls and do a variety of surfing activities, go trekking and go on mountain bike excursions, all pleasant activities to visit otherwise inaccessible areas. This is perfect for nature and adventure lovers.

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