Silk Made In Italy and exclusive jewelry, a perfect match

Silk, the fine fabric of which Italy is the second producer in the world after China, has recently returned to being an essential component of Made In Italy, thanks to the initiative of some companies that have invested in the restoration of ancient spinning mills.

The most famous silk district in Italy is in Como, as we mentioned in the article The silk treasure of Como, the best of Made In Italy, but now there is another venue in the foreground in the finest silk production.

These new projects have attracted the attention of CNN, who made a documentary entitled “Silk Road: Past, Present, Future”, dedicated to the “rebirth” of silk production and, in particular, of “The Fair Silk Way” (the video is available here:

This is the result of the intention to ensure maximum respect for the environment and the highest level of quality at every stage of production, from mulberry to the yarn.
To set a broad framework on textile excellences in Italy, we will explain you how was born the most interesting project of the last years that will relaunch the 100% Made in Italy fine silk.

Silk Made In Italy

The Fair Silk Way begins in Nove

Silk Made In Italy and exclusive jewelry, a perfect match

Nove is located in the province of Vicenza and here was restored and reactivated a filandina (a spinning mill, in Italian), after 50 years. The restoration started thanks to D’Orica goldsmith company, the leader of a network of companies that contributed to the Via Etica della Seta (Fair Silk Way) project.

What is it, specifically? In October 2014, D’orica, some social agricultural cooperatives and the CREA-API of Padua, have the idea of restore a mill dating back to 60s for the production of silk. This mill machinery (once located in Castelfranco Veneto and now hosted by D’orica) is the only one in Europe to have the automatic control of the ‘titolo’ (the wire diameter), an essential condition to get high quality silk.

This silk is also ethical because it respects and enhances the craft, furthermore the restoration project involved a local environmental requalification, the productive chain is 100% Made in Italy controlled and certified, all productive chain partners get equal payment and the waste products can be recovered and reused for other byproducts.

Silk and gold jewelry made in Veneto

Gioielli D'orica Veneto
The most interesting aspect for those who like to wear exclusive products is the combination of gold and silk, a blend made it by the collection of D’Orica jewelry.

These jewels were presented in the most prestigious fairs and have been designed by Daniela Raccanello.

On the official website you can see the entire collection and admire the peculiarities of these models, due to the craftsmanship and the value of raw materials, a true gem of Made in Italy field.

Gold and silk jewelry

The documentary produced by CNN is a confirmation of the Fair Silk Way project importance and the key to success may be just the concept of “grown in Italy”, a yarn was born and raised in Italy, starting a way of production in the sign of excellence and ecologically sustainable.

La Via etica della Seta

Fair Silk Way website:

In this photo: Giampietro Zonta of D’orica company and the designer Daniela Raccanello.

Video La Via Etica della Seta:

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