Suggested stages for a Tour of Italy

In May takes place one of the most important events for sport lovers, the Giro d’Italia, a multiple stage bicycle race came to 96th edition, not only a competition but rather a meeting in 21 stages which passes through Italy and is a pretext for us to suggest you a route in 3 stopovers for a unique holiday.

Let’s start from the South: get ready for an itinerary full of emotions and venues to discover step by step; allow yourselves some days to take advantage of the springtime and join the best activities for tourists.

Naples, walking through beauty

Guided tours in Naples It’s the right period to stay in this city and to take part in a guided tour, a special event or a walk across the most suggestive areas of Naples.

In addition to the Giro d’Italia, which comes back in Naples after 17 years, the month of May is dedicated to the monuments situated in each district: the Museo di Capodimonte, surrounded by the greenery, will host on 26th May live concerts and street artist performances at the courtyard of the Palace.

To know more about the secrets of restoration of masterpieces as La Madonna del divino amore by Raphael or the alabaster tryptich, an artwork realized in XV century in Nottingham, book one of the meetings scheduled every Friday at 11:00 am with the restores and the historians which will explain their work.

From 29th May to 1st June there will be a nice event for all the wine passionates, Wine & the City, an itinerary among 100 precious boutiques, wine bars and jewelry stores which will be the venues of aperitifs planned by wineries, an event that will involve tourists and Neapolitans during a weekend in the sign of elegance.

Who prefers guided tours will be spolied for choice: a very interesting tour is Via delle Muse, from Piazza Dante to Museo Archeologico, available also in English, Spanish and French. Among the many treasures you can admire the Arco di Port’Alba, decored by Mattia Preti in XVII century, via Costantinopoli, also known as the street of antique dealers, and piazza Bellini, close to the Academy of Fine Arts and very popular for the clubs that overlook the square.

Following our tips is more easy staying at a 5 stars hotel in Naples, to see all the suggested locations and get relax at the end of your itinerary, like the champions of Tour after the competition.

Top holidays in Friuli mountains

Friuli luxury experience Next stopover is in Friuli, where the Giro d’Italia will reach the plateau of Montasio and Vajont. One of the most peculiar towns here is Tarvisio, in province of Udine, which has the largest forest of Italy and is surrounded by Julian Alps. Discover the authentic spirit of Tarvisio, that combines the traditions of three country, beacuse is located on the borders among Italy, Austria and Slovenia: a meeting point for the fans of ski, trekkking and riding.

Following the Path of the Pilgrim you can reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Lussari, built on a place where the Madonna appeared. Today is also an amazing panoramic view point where to see the Alps and look at the horizon.

This region offers attractions all year round and also less known destinations like Tarvisio will persuade the demanding tourists: this is a very exclusive location, where the services are always at the top level.

Cross the line in Brescia, shopping and art experiences

Things to see in Brescia After a lot of kilometers you could choice activities like shopping at the boutiques of the best brands. In Brescia there are many stores, new trends and cozy mood. For your walks we suggest Corso Magenta, where you can see refined palaces among dress shops, bookstores and home design boutiques (The Conservatory “L. Marenzio” and the auditorium San Barnaba) which give an austere look to the historical center.

At Corso Palestro you can admire the frescoes by Gerolamo Romanino and Lattanzio Gambara on the facades of XVI century buildings, the reason why this part of Brescia is an elegant living room where each boutique increases the appeal for the shopping addicted.

Don’t forget to visit the World Heritage Site: Brescia, in fact, is included in the list of UNESCO thanks to the monumental area of Santa Giulia – San Salvatore, in the nortern-east area of the city, where there are finds from different historical periods. The monastery, built in 753 AD, now hosts a museum which held important finds from prehistory, Roman Age, Middel Age and Venetian Age (which rules in Brescia from 1426 to 1797).

In this city the Giro d’Italia will finish on 26th May, enjoy your stay in a charming relais in Lombardy, it will be your last stage of an unfogettable Italian itinerary.

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