Take a trip through the most exclusive mountains in South Tyrol

Dedicate to yourselves and your beloved ones an holiday around snowy peaks is a great benefit: just before the winter season there are many chances to enjoy the best mountain destinations, so we prepared an itinerary through the venues which will amaze the ski lovers and also who likes relaxing landscapes or regenerating stays, cultural events or Christmas shopping at the best boutiques.

Val d’Ega, the sun always shines on Dolomites

Lake of Carezza in the heart of Dolomites

In Alto Adige, at 1000 meters height, there is a valley near to Bolzano, the Val d’Ega, also known as Eggental in German, where the sun shines for 300 days a year. We picked this place, located in the heart of Dolomites, because here you’ll find 88 km of ski slopes, 2 snowparks, 8 toboggan slopes and many activities to do under a snowfall.

The ski area is easily reachable with the new two-seater cable cars from the center of Nova Levante, close to Bolzano. Enshrouded by fir woods and the Latemar range that are reflected in the lake, the wonderful Lake Carezza is an incomparable attraction: is also called the lake of rainbow for the variety of colors that you can admire through the waters.

  Val d'Ega South Tyrol top destination

This peculiarity is tied to a legend; the beautiful nymph Ondina lived at the lake and the wizard of Latemar fell in love with her. He created a rainbow to seduce her but when the nymph saw the wizard she was frightened and ran away. The wizard destroyed the rainbow and launched it into the lake, which became a multicolor mirror. Discover the myth of nature with a vacation in Val d’Ega, a charming destination for who loves mountains.

Winter walk in Merano

  Merano exclusive itinerary

There is a way to combine poetry, wellness and entertainment with your family? Merano is the answer, located in Trentino-Alto Adige and renowned for its high quality of life. Choose Merano for its Thermal baths, an oasis features the cool architectural style by the designer Matteo Thun, a top wellness center provided with 15 swimming pools and 8 sauna with steam baths, a great gift if you wish a romantic stay with your partner.

The Spa treatments are based on products from Alto Adige as apples, grapes, milk, chestnuts and hay. One of the benefits of Merano is the greatest cable car of the region, the well-equipped ski slopes and the games park for children at few meters from the cable car.

We mentioned poetry because here, 16 years ago, was born the Via della Poesia project, a route that begins at Wandelhalle and passes through the streets of Merano, full of “artistic benches”. The artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, in fact, engraved on the benches the verses of German and Italian poets who lived or visited in Merano, an invitation to meditation and to enjoy a pleasant itinerary.

The so-called Winter Walk is always facing the sun, so the tourists can follow the route from Ponte della Posta to Ponte Romano and look at the panoramic view without stress.

People who like excursions can go to Monte San Vigilio, a mountain reachable from Lana with cable car, a place rich of larch woods, a true paradise covered with snow. Here there is an ancient alpine church, built at a prehistoric place of worship, known as the “church of good weather”, a good omen for your vacation in Merano.

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