The best Christmas markets in Italy where to go shopping

It’s time to decide where to spend the Christmas holidays and, above all, how to take advantage of spare time to go shopping at the towns the most rich in attractions, including trendy stores, places where to enjoy the local cuisine and, of course, the traditional Christmas markets.
Since the best thing when you’re on vacation is combining different activities and avoids large crowds, this tour includes the fabled and scenic places in Italy during the winter.

Marché Vert Noël in Aosta

Aosta traditional Christmas market

If you look for a reason to go in Valle d’Aosta, from 28th November 2015 to 6th January 2016 it will take place the “Marché Vert Noël“, an alpine village in the heart of Aosta.

The pleasant town of Aosta is located just in the center of the region, surrounded by the majestic peaks of Becca di Nona, Monte Emilius, Punta Chaligne and Becca di Viou.
From the historical city it is rather surprising, as there are several examples of Roman domination, in particular the Arch of Augustus and the Roman Theater.

The Arch of Augustus celebrates the victory of the Romans over the Salassi and was restored in 1912; The Roman Theatre was built a few decades after the founding of Aosta, in 25 BC, can be visited thanks to a structure designed to accommodate 1,000 people under cover, so you can attend the shows organized here in the summer.

The Christmas market is located right in the archaeological area of the Roman Theatre and is a showcase of the very rich local specialties, ranging from clothing and accessories in boiled wool and felt, Christmas decorations, antique furniture, ceramic dishes, made soaps hand, objects made with the technique of decoupage, wine and typical sweets.

Aosta Christmas Market Enrico Romanzi

Walking in this alpine village provides the opportunity to make good deals and enjoy the festive mood in a venue which expresses its charm under the snow.
For tourist information on the Valle d’Aosta:

Levico Terme in Valsugana, a relaxing place at Christmas

Levico Terme Holidays In Trentino

Trentino suggests active holidays, ski fabulous, challenging hikes in the woods and even guided tours of the prettiest villages.

However, this region is also the land of ancient traditions and a dream place for those who prefer to relax and leave behind any commitment or effort.
We refer in particular to Levico Terme, a city that hosts a Christmas market from 21 November 2015 until 6 January 2016.
The market is hosted by the beautiful Habsburg Park, the historic park largest in the province of Trento, a real jewel in the quiet.

Here you will find many gift ideas and you’ll be intoxicated by the heady scent of cinnamon wafting among the wooden stalls.
To taste absolutely Parampampoli, a drink made of coffee, grappa, wine and sugar.
Levico Terme is also famous for the festival of handcrafted cribs, to see especially if you are on a family holiday.

Despite the Terme di Levico reopen in April, you can always regenerate in a spa or wellness center in town or near

Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Pearl of the Dolomites

Cortina d'Ampezzo Dolomites

Called the Queen of the Dolomites, or Pearl, Cortina is a classic destination for tourists selective.
Actually all the year round are scheduled important events such as Cortina Winter Polo in February, the International Horse Show Jumping in July and the Golden Cup of the Dolomites, the race between vintage cars in September.

From December 5 to January 6, it will open the traditional Christmas market, also known for mulled wine distributed to visitors in the typical cups that remain free as a souvenir.

As of December 1, the facade of the historic building of the former Town Hall will be lit every day one of its 25 windows will be lit, showing all work inspired to the Nativity, an Advent Calendar that recalls the impact of a ‘art installation.

If you will be in Cortina from 4 to 8 December recommend participating in Cortina Fashion Weekend, or the special opening of shops until 22:00, a valuable chance to shop the best brands of fashion and find the most exclusive gift in itself and their loved ones. There will be cocktails and DJ sets within the fashion store, therefore promise to be a memorable evening.

The best Christmas markets in Italy where to go shopping

The pre-Christmas travel and those made during the holidays have one thing in common: they are full of gift experiences, he understood as authentic joy and how to live life intensely.

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