The best honeymoon destinations in Umbria, a romantic itinerary

In Umbria, the green heart of Italy, the emotions you feel are tied to the intense brightness of landscapes and are amplified by the authentic welcomeness of people you can meet in the most famous cities such as in the smaller towns.

For this reason Umbria is recommended for a honeymoon: you’ll be immersed in the enchantment of rolling hills, in the majesty of the noble palaces and enveloped by the great beauty of its churches.
We already mentioned the best honeymoon destinations in Tuscany, now we focus on the region most liked by travelers for eco-friendly tourism and nature trails.

The spirit of Assisi, the town of peace

Assisi panoramic view

Assisi panorama Credits : Michael Janke

What could be better for a honeymoon in the sign of peace and poetry that Assisi?
The city of San Francisco is not only a very popular destination for religious tourism, as a simple walk through the streets of the historic center, takes us on a very different environment from other medieval villages.

Assisi is an artistic masterpiece, fruit of human genius and a unique example of continuity between the natural scenery and the architectural style of its churches, as well as being the spokesman for the city of a universal message of peace and tolerance.

The best honeymoon destinations in Umbria, a romantic itinerary

Assisi Credits: Xavier

The pleasant climate of this village also derives from its hilltop position overlooking the Umbrian Valley, in an area of transition between the plain and the mountain (Assisi is located on the western slopes of Mount Subasio).

The Basilica of San Francesco is a remarkable architectural testimony of the Italian Gothic and was included among the UNESCO World Heritage together with other Franciscan sites of Assisi.
A special honeymoon could start from here, to celebrate their romance as a promise of happiness to be renewed every day.


Santa Maria degli Angeli Credits: By Wknight94 (Own work) [GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Maria degli Angeli is the name of a fraction of Assisi, its name derives from the Basilica of the sixteenth century located on the plains of the Umbrian Valley. Inside the Basilica there is the Porziuncola, a small stone church where St. Francis retired to pray. This church has a great artistic and spiritual value and was restored in 1999.

Orvieto, the town built on a tuff cliff

What to see in Orvieto

Duomo Orvieto Credits: Riccardo Cuppini

One of the aspects that surprise most visitors to Orvieto, and of course the wonderful cathedral and medieval buildings (do not miss the Palace of the Seven with the Moro tower) is the funicular that connects the station to the historic center, which provides access to in only 2 minutes in the heart of the city and savor the charm.

Orvieto is also the city of St. Patrick’s Well, where it is traditional to throw a coin as wish to come back to visit this enchanting village. The well is entirely excavated in the tuff and dates back to 1537.

Perugia, charming destination for honeymoon

Perugia best churches

Oratorio San Bernardino Credits: I, Sailko [GFDL ( via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that Umbria is the land of origin of Saint Valentine? More precisely, the saint was born in Terni, confirming the vocation of this region for the celebration of important events and to seal genuine and lasting love.

In the recommended route to demanding tourists should not miss Perugia, also reported by National Geographic as a dream destination for about the suggestive views, squares, streets and gardens of the historic center.

After a stroll along Corso Vannucci, the main street of the city, head to the Carducci Gardens: from here you can enjoy a viewpoint of Perugia, the valleys and the surrounding mountains that seem to surround you in a hug the horizon.
The name of the gardens, adorned with marble busts of famous people, refers to the poet Carducci, who composed the poem “Canto dell’amore”, inspired by the magic of the place.

Follow in the footsteps of the poet and prepare your honeymoon in Umbria!

Giardini Carducci Sight

Giardini Carducci Perugia Credits:

lago Trasimeno in Umbria

Lago Trasimeno Credits: damian entwistle

Credits preview photo: Benjamin

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