The best spots in the Italian Riviera, the jewel of Liguria

Liguria is a pearl for tourists, where shine destinations such as the Cinque Terre, World Heritage Site that is part of the Italian Riviera, a coastline stretching from the river Magra in the province of La Spezia to the eastern districts of Genoa.
This land is an authentic work of art of the Belpaese; here you’ll notice first of all the creeks, the bays and shelters that stand out in a hilly area.
To explore the Riviera without stress we recommend a long stay in Liguria, but the places we recommend are also suitable for a short holiday, dedicated to panoramic views, ancient villages and beaches featuring intense colors that will leave you speechless.

The Paradise Gulf

Golfo paradiso in Liguria

Golfo Paradiso: Credits Marco Castellani

The area of this small bay, which extends it from Bogliasco to Mount Portofino, boasts the mildest climate of the region, never too muggy in summer and pleasant in winter.
Here many villages are perched in the green and remained unchanged over time. In Bogliasco there is a stone bridge dating back to Roman ages, and is characterized by a hinterland that you can visit through excursions and beaches much liked by surfers.

Nearby is Camogli, a fishermen town that stands out for the pastel colored buildings overlooking the promenade and for being the “City of a thousand white sailing ships.” From the port of Camogli you can reach San Fruttuoso, known for its abbey and the statue Christ of the Abyss, located on the bottom of the bay, at 15 meters depth!
You can see the statue exclusively by a guided excursion and is an experience that we recommend to those who are unfamiliar with diving excursions.
Don’t forget a stopover in Recco, famous among other things, for a gastronomic delight, focaccia with cheese, IGP product to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Sestri Levante and Rapallo


A few kilometers (about 25) separate Sestri Levante from Rapallo; both towns include many wonders of this prestigious Riviera.

As for Sestri Levante, you should know that it is called the “town of two seas” because it overlooks two bays, the Bay of the Fables and the Bay of Silence, and is joined to the mainland by an isthmus, so it appears to be an “island” next to a rocky promontory.

The Bay of the Fables (Baia delle Favole) owes its name to Hans Christian Andersen, the author of very famous fairy tales such as The Little Mermaid, and as such has become the ideal scenario for the Literary Prize of the same name, now came to its 49th edition, scheduled from 9th to 12th June 2016.

On this occasion there will be many shows on the streets of Sestri, establishing a new relationship with the public that come from all over Italy.
The Bay of Silence (Baia del Silenzio) is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Italy and is framed by colorful houses surrounding the small bay.

The best spots in the Italian Riviera, the jewel of Liguria

Credits: Luigi Alesi

Rapallo, situated on the Gulf of Tigullio, is a popular destination also for handicraft tradition, maintained with great care over the centuries: in particular the lacework, known as “pizzo al tombolo”.
In Rapallo there are three museums that show the local artisanal peculiarities: the Museo del merletto, at Villa Tigullio; the Museum Attilio and Cleofe Gaffoglio, devoted entirely to gold, ceramics and porcelain items, hosted by the former monastery of the Clarisse; then the museum of civilization Giovanni Pendola, designed to raise awareness of the rural world to tourists in Liguria.

Rapallo laceworking tradition

The variety of landscapes and the richness of the historical heritage of these places give life to a promise of strong feelings, the realization of a wish dedicated to the most romantic views of the entire peninsula.

For more information on protected areas in the Cinque Terre we refer to our guide to national parks to visit in Italy, to organize a nature trail and a tour among the Ligurian towns, amazing destinations loved by demanding travelers.


Golfo dei Poeti: Credits Illy78 via Wikimedia Commons


Punta Manara: Credits

Preview photoa: Baia del Silenzio, Credits Luca Rossato

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