The latest trends of design and lifestyle in Milan

Who likes to stay in a trendy place and want to visit new clubs, the most prestigious exhibitions, go shopping and looking for creative products, taste dishes of the most renowned chefs, in Milan will find all the essential for a fashion holiday.

For this reason, we recommend a trip to the city of Milan and a visit to Triennale, which relate to contemporary art, design, fashion, cinema and even food, although indirectly.

Innovation, design and genuine flavors in the creative capital of Italy

Palazzo dell’Arte is the historic home that houses the Triennale, is located in Viale Alemagna 6 and is both the birthplace of the Design Museum and Teatro dell’Arte, spaces designed to promote innovative projects, present to the public a series of experimental performances but also host conferences and film screenings.


Among the many scheduled events, we focus on some really interesting for curious tourists: “Auto da sé”, exhibition organized at the Triennale Design Museum with the aim to investigate the periods of economic crisis such as engines of design creativity. Specifically, the exhibition compares the ’30s, the ’70s and the Noughties, an exhibition full of ideas about inventions born during historical periods often underestimated; the event is scheduled from April 2014 until February 2015.


The exhibition “Gola, arte e scienza del gusto” explores the relationship between one of the pleasures of life (food), scientific research and artistic production; the event consists in five thematic areas that deepen the social aspects of food, the contrast between the satisfaction of appetite with junk foods and the need for healthy eating. These topics are discussed with videos, one or more artworks and scientific workshops.

You can book a guided tour to learn more about the paths of science and taste and discover whaich mechanisms regulate this basic component of our lives. You can visit the exhibition until March 12th.



Van Gogh alive in Milan

Van Gogh Alive is a sensory experience that replaces the traditional exhibition of paintings with high definition images projected with a system called Sensory 4.

This system allows you to see the details of the works and admire the extraordinary technique of the famous Dutch artist.
The multimedia exhibition also includes excerpts from the letters of Van Gogh to know more about the troubled history of this painter.

The exhibition is hosted at Fabbrica del Vapore, at via Procaccini 4, until March 9th, furthermore are scheduled workshops for children and introductions curated by art experts to enrich your visit.

Enjoy an artistic drink at the Design Café


We decided to add another stopover for your itinerary in Milan, a tasty break for your trendy holiday, the Triennale Design Cafe, a cozy restaurant with open kitchen and contemporary furnishings, available for lunches, cocktails and brunch (on Sundays, with menus art-themed), to book a day earlier.
Treat yourselves an exciting break at a cutting-edge venue, Milan is the suitable place where to find inspiration, identify the next trend and make the most of your free time.

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