Things to do in Marche, a guide to tourist attractions

The selective traveler stands out for the choice of destination and then for the activities to follow on vacation; this consideration is a sort of invitation to discover one of the regions with a strong increase of tourists, the Marche.

The claims conceived to promote the area are a good summary of the attractions offered: “Italy in one region”, for example, conveys the wide variety of the landscape, made up of rolling hills, majestic mountain ranges and a scenic coastline, ideal for summer holidays spent at the beach but also exploring the local nature reserves.
The route we propose is a careful selection of everything that makes exclusive the Marche such as leisure tourism destination.

Conero (Ancona) - The coast

Senigallia, relax on the velvet beach


17 beaches in Marche were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, an eco-label assigned to beaches that meet criteria for water clarity and efficiency of services; among them stands out Senigallia, in the province of Ancona, renowned for its “velvet beach”, 14 kilometers of beach characterized by fine golden sand.

Here you can choose between many beach resorts equipped with everything you need for a pleasant day, without give up to free Wi-Fi, which is useful for post live snapshots of your stay.
The Rotonda a Mare (circular pier) in Senigallia is a sort of symbol of the town, a structure that hosts exhibitions and conferences and may be required for the celebration of marriages in a civil ceremony, a romantic idea for those who want to realize their dream of love next to the sea.

Another place to visit is Sirolo, a natural treasure nestled amid the greenery of Mount Conero and the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea.
The Conero Regional Park that surrounds the town is a site that offers a wealth of flora and fauna and is the cutting edge tourist offer of Marche.
One of the reasons to go to Sirolo, however, is the presence of the Sassi Neri beach so called because of the black cliffs on the bottom of the sea and the rocky plates on the shore: this beach has no services because it is appropriate to protect the natural conditions of this slice of heaven at the foot of the mountain.

Things to see in Marche

In any case you will always be spoiled for choice for beaches, since in Sirolo there are 8 beautiful resorts; the advice is to devote yourself to relax or exploring the inland, reaching the hidden coves, following walking trails to experience the thrill of visiting a pristine place.


Gradara Castle, the magic symbol of the Middle Ages


To understand the uniqueness of Marche is useful starting with the name of the region, which is related to the German word “mark”, which stands for border.
In fact, it was the distance from the center of imperial power in the Middle Ages to favor the autonomy of this land.

The fortresses and castles that adorn the landscape are the evidence of this vocation: one of the best preserved fortresses in Italy is the Castle of Gradara, a very popular destination due to its historical museum and a panorama of indescribable beauty, overlooking the Monte Carpegna to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the north.

We especially recommend the evening tours, available in the summer, to enjoy the wonders of the landscape lit by the starred sky. This is the official site of the castle, with all information relating to reservations and guided tours:

Top handicraft products in the heart of Marche


In our opinion a perfect holiday should include the time spent shopping for high quality products, Made in Italy 100% of course. In Montegranaro, in the province of Fermo, we suggest you make a stop at the workshop of Damiano Chiappini, specializing in hand-made footwear for men and women.

Chiappini creates each shoe tailored to the customer, following one of these processes based on customer request the “scarpa solettata a mano“, completely waterproof, the tubular, indicated for convenience and durability of the shoe, the Norwegian, particularly sought for its aesthetic, and the “stagno”, a method that makes the shoe more durable even in mud and snow.
A shoe craftsmanship is an essential element of the look of those who like to be elegant and want unique and inimitable products.

We are confident that this region is an excellent choice for selective travelers and it is true what claims the slogan “Marche never forsake you”: coastal resorts, nature reserves, monuments remained intact over time, cozy towns and glorious handicraft traditions make it a good example of everything that makes fall in love tourists with Italy.

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