Things to do in Venice for Carnival

One of the most ancient Carnival in the world is in Venice, a very sought-after destination for romantic escapes, relaxing holidays and prestigious events. This year’s edition lasts 3 weeks instead of 2, a great chance to visit the lagoon and Venice, that is also a World Heritage Site listed by UNESCO, a treasure that isn’t changed during the centuries.

Costume parties and historical traditions in Venice

The Carnival dates back f Things to do in Venice rom 1094, when an official document cited the word carnival, an institution tied to Serenissima history (this was the name of Venice Republic), that allowed celebrations to all the people, without social classes differences, thanks to masks and costumes that assured anonymity.

Among typical Venetian masks there are Bauta, a white mask that dates back from XVIII century, that is worn under a black cocked hat and a cloak called tabarro, and Gnaga, a mask that features a cat and a woman costume, but usually worn by men. This rite keeps his uniqueness and today comes along with events and historical celebrations.

The 2012 edition started on 4th February and will continue until 21st, so we suggest you one of the available routes spendind a romantic stay in Venice. There will be a traveling theater show, everyday from Saturday 11th, by Alberto Toso Fei and Pantakin company, around the calli (the typical alleys of the city), to discover the Venetian legends: the show will be in three languages (Italian, English and french).

On Sunday 12th February there will be The Flight of the Angel, a tradition that exist since the XVI century and now consists in an acrobatic performance: an artist, hung to a wire, flies from the San Marco bell tower to the middle of the square. Is an event that every year attracts tourists from all over the world.

Valentine’s Day in Venice, the Lover’s Holiday

Things to do in Venice 2 14th February is a part of Carnival events but is also the Lover’s Holiday: what is the best that give yourselves a weekend in a charming relais? Our exclusive collection suggests the Ca’Nigra, precious design hotel at Canal Grande, that offers to its guests a promotional package for couples that want to celebrate that day in a unique scenery.

The suites of Ca’Nigra Lagoon Resort are the perfect combination between two Venetian features: the eighteenth-century architectural style and the minimal design that gives plainness and accuracy. The two internal gardens are the places where to find silence and beauty in this venue that overlooks Canal Grande, one of the most romantic corners of Venice.

Furthermore, who wants can join, on Valentine’s Day, the masks parade about “Love” at san Marco square, and from 7:00 pm can dedicate a message to his loved one, that will be projected on a maxi-screen.

The first Casino in the world, a prestigious venue

things to do in venice 3 The attractions aren’t complete: play in an historical Casino, opened in 1638, is a great emotion, irresistible for people that don’t want to renounce to nothing. The Ca’ Vedramin Calergi is the right place where to stake your chips and try the classic games, while if you prefer the American Casino, there is also Ca’ Noghera, situated close to the airport.

Venice is full of poetry and its faces are several: for this reason is ideal to choose it for an holiday in the sign of elegance, refinement and discovery.

Itineraries and suggestive routes

Venice is a renowned destination, thanks to events like Art Biennal, the Film Festival and the International Nautic Show. A walk here could turn in adventure, because of the most enchanting corners and the alleys that move us in another era. In fact Venice is loved by many artists and, among possible itineraries we suggest that you can see in this video, inspired by Corto Maltese, comic character created by Hugo Pratt, that described some unusual routes through his beloved city.

If you will visit the city in a gondola or by walk, you can admire which beauties Venice can reveals to you, a place where uniqueness acquires a new meaning.