Three destinations for stylish Easter in Italy

Imagine a precious setting to enclose the emotions experienced on vacation, that realize a picture of exclusive beauty, dominated by the colors of Spring, the majesty of the monuments and the eternal charm of the landscapes captured by a brilliant gaze.

This is a part of the route that we recommend to spend Easter in Italy.

The breathtaking views of the botanical garden of Merano


We bet that you’ve never seen a garden like that: in Merano, town surrounded by the mountains of Trentino, it is possible to visit the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castles, a lovely green oasis where you can see exotic plants and botanical collections from all around the world.

These gardens opened 10 years ago and include 4 thematic areas: Forests of the World, for example, are a welcoming refuge during the hottest days and are home to authentic living fossils between streams and waterfalls. The Sun Gardens, on the southern side, are a succession of dwarf shrubs, sunflowers, the Italy’s northernmost olive grove and the Forbidden Garden populated by bizarre sculptures.
Water and Terraced Gardens are a spectacular sight that showcases the elegance of a hedge maze and the charm of Water Lily Pond.

Finally Landscapes of South Tyrol, set up along the course of a man-made waterway, are characterized by traditional agricultural crops and an orchard with valuable varieties of apples and pears.

Enjoy a trip in Trentino attending events hosted in the Gardens, exceptionally open in the evenings for concerts and special guided tours, check out the official website to schedule a visit:

Easter in Florence for the Explosion of the Cart


On Sunday 20th April we suggest you to go to a traditional celebration in Florence that has its roots in the XI century, at the time of the First Crusade.

The Scoppio del Carro (Explosion of the Cart) is related to the use of three relics (the recovered fragments of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem) as stones to turn the so-called “holy fire”. The event involves the use of a cart to carry the “holy fire”, which at the end of the ceremony is burning through the colombina”, a small rocket similar to a mechanical dove, thus creating a great fireworks show.

The cart with three shelves dates back to the XVI century, and although it has been restored several times it is kept in good condition over the centuries. The Explosion of the Cart is an auspicious event and takes place on Easter morning, starting from the square of Porta a Prato and arriving in Piazza Duomo, between the Baptistery and the Cathedral.

This ancient ritual is unique, so we recommend a stop in Florence in the next week for a very “sparkling” stay.

The quietness of Umbria in McCurry pictures


Silence, peace and beauty of Umbria cannot be imprisoned in a definition.
But there are someone who fixed in his shots the charming profile of this green region; is the famous photographer Steve McCurry, who took a trip in Umbria to captured landscapes, villages, spiritual places and the artistic heritage of this magnificent place in a series of 100 pictures.

The exhibition is entitled Sensational Umbria and is held at the former Fatebenefratelli Hospital and the Museum of Palazzo Penna in Perugia; you can visit it every day except on Mondays.
McCurry has personally overseen the installation and the catalog, so he became one of the most prestigious promoter of a very sought after destination for holidays in


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