Three tips for a Lake Garda tour

Go on holiday now in Italy, at a destination next to a lake is a nice idea, above all if your desire is to relax yourselves and do some excursions. The suggested location is Lake Garda, the largest in Italy, a panoramic viewpoint (the name Garda means “viewpoint”) on the excellences of the three regions which border with the lake: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

Every year millions of travellers choose this lake, in fact the area is full of hotels, thermal baths and breathtaking landscapes, so we give you some advices if you’re thinking about a luxury stay close to Lake Garda.

The road of wines – enogastronomy on Garda

The Garda DOC wines area is very big, so this is only an invite to taste the unique products of this land. Starting from Lonato you can go towards Valtenesi hills, in province of Brescia, where there are many archeological finds, even a dugout which is hosted by Museum of Gavardo.

Hotel in Riva del Garda The most precious wine is produced in the Verona province, the land of Bardolino, a red wine with a delicate perfume and an harmonic flavor. You can get along it with seasoned cheeses; the ancient Romans already knew the wine of Garda and they called it Retico. One of the gastronomical excellences of the lake is fish, in particular trout, a very tasty food, and carp, which has a really strong flavor.

If you want to have a complete view on typical dishes, try also the specialties of Garda Trentino; the carne salada, a lean meat made using rump steak, served raw as an appetizer or cooked together with beans; gourmet will love all the local specialties, available at restaurants or at the seasonal festivals dedicated to the high quality of food and wine.

Is useful to stay in an hotel in Riva del Garda to join guided tours, follow our suggested routes or try new tours to Garda Trentino.

Fish & Chef, the stars of Italian cuisine

Your next holiday at Lake Garda it will be in April, don’t miss the event Fish & Chef, from 25th April to 1st May: 6 top chefs will compete with menus based on fish, meat by the Consorzio della Garronese Veneta, Baldo’s mixed herbs, cooked with extravirgin olive oil Garda DOP, besides the tastings of Corvina and Trebbiano wines.

Castello Scaligero in Veneto Among the protagonists of these evenings there is Bruno Barbieri, chef of the Cotidie restaurant in London and judge of Masterchef Italia, while are scheduled others initiatives for tourists in Malcesine, in province of Verona. Here there is an amazing Castello Scaligero, an ideal set for weddings, which hosts also a museum dedicated to Goethe (who describes this castle in his Italian Journey), one of natural history and one about fishing.

The Castle is on a spur which overlooks the lake and is a stage of a charming itinerary on Garda. To have additional information about Fish & Chef you can visit the official website

Gardone Riviera, top elegance on the Lake Garda

This venue is sought-after by tourists thanks to its Central European style: Gardone Riviera, in province of Brescia, has a mild climate and since XIX century attracts many foreigner travellers not only for the beauty of its landscape but also for its positive benefits on health; Luigi Wimmer, mayor of the city, was the first which promoted Gardone, that became a prestigious destination for demanding tourists.

Vittoriale degli Italiani in Gardone Riviera A jewel unique in the world is the Vittoriale degli Italiani, an estate where is located the house of Gabriele d’Annunzio, which lived here from 1921 to 1938; this place is a tribute to the life of the soldier-poet and to the memory of Italian soldiers in World War I. The Vittoriale hosts the mausoleum of d’Annunzio, an amphitheatre with a view on the lake, a park where is located the light cruiser Puglia, given to the poet in 1923, a really suggestive monument surrounded by the hillside.

The last stage of our itinerary is Terme di Sirmione, between Desenzano and Peschiera, in province of Brescia. Here there are five thermal baths, to find your own balance and to feel in trim, thanks to the healthy properties of Sirmione sources, well-known since the Roman Age.

The Lake Garda and its surroundings offer a show full of colors and give intense memories to all the tourists which love exclusive destinations for their holidays.