Three travel experiences to do this Summer

Who wants to travel often and visit new places, choose the destination depending on the experiences available, in other terms excursions to unknown venues, guided tours for curious travellers and unmissable events. We picked out three different places for your summer holidays in Italy, three destinations that express the uniqueness of the so-called Belpaese.

Discover the world heritage volcano

The list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites was recently updated with 10 wonders, among which the Etna volcano, an Italian peculiarity, in fact is a symbol of Mediterranean and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, documented from 2700 years.

Excursion on Etna volcano in Sicili

This volcano worths a travel to Sicily and an excursion to discover all the secrets about it and feel the excitement to see the greatest volcano in Europe. When you will be on Etna you’ll set an amazing show, thanks to the eruptions and features of the landscape, for example the woods of pines, beech trees and fruit trees, and desert areas with juniper bushes.

The guided tours to Etna, like those planned by Etna Walking, usuallly start from Rifugio Sapienza (1900 mt. high), where there is a cable car station that can lead you to 2500 mt. high, then the expert drivers will lead you at the craters by a Jeep. Finally, here you’ll experience the terrific and astounding show of a volcano eruption.

Many kinds of excursions are available, to fulfill the needs of tourists: someone prefers a pnaoramical tour, someone else wish to visit the Serracozzo caves, created by the 1971 eruption, or the tour to Monte Nero crater, near the Bosco di Timpa Rossa, where a refuge is located.

To book a tour is the easiest and safe way to closely see the volcano and get all the information about this natural wonder. Who likes adventure can join the excursion to the Grotta del Gelo, the southernmost glacier in Europe, a demanding route to discover the beauty of landscape and the exceptional nature of Etna. Sicily isn’t only a destination full of beach clubs an hotels with a sea view, so choose to explore the heart of the island on the top of Etna, you’ll remember this place for a lifetime.

The interactive Museum of Trento

Science can be fashionable and captivating, as the brand new MuSe, Science Museum in Trento. The Museum will open on 27th July and combines the scientific culture with interactive games and experiments, an innovative concept of museum, conceived to promote the basics of science in a funny way.

MuSe new museum in Trento

We recommend a visit to MuSe because is an avantgarde work and one of the best results of Italian architecture. The Museum was designed by Renzo Piano, which was inspired by Trento mountains for the shape of the building. A series of photovoltaic panles provide energy to th entire area, that includes the Palazzo delle Albere, base of the MART detachment, a part of the prestigious contemporary art museum of Rovereto.

A visit to MuSe it will be a journey through the five senses: the inner spaces include some room with alpine climate, glaciers and a tropical mountain greenhouse, an incredible rainforest with plants and animals, designed to show the signifance of biodiversity. A scientific tour can be educational and funny, the MuSe probably will become one of the best attractions in Trentino.

The wines of Arena di Verona centenary

We often suggest Verona as a destination: this romantic town celebrates this year an important centenary, in fact in 1913 the Aida opera was held for the first time at the Arena. To celebrate the anniversary you can taste some exclusive wines, produced by the four consortium Bardolino, Custoza, Soave and Valpolicella, an idea conceived by Sartori winery, ideal for a souvenir o for a tasting during your stay in Verona.

 Arena di verona centenary Opera festival

The wines of the centenary are: the white wine Garganega Verona IGT and the red Corvina Verona IGT, to pair with Amarone Classico della Valpolicella 2009, collector’s items with original labels which recall the posters of Arena shows. Verona, furthermore, hosts the first museum dedicated to opera, AMO, located at Palazzo Forti and everyday open from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm, a place that promotes the history of opera in Italy through the original scores, costumes, sketches, set designs and multimedia videos that allow you to discover the elegant and refined world of opera.

Test this itinerary in Italy to enjoy the extent and the uniqueness of a natural and artistic heritage, from North to South the luxury changes its shape but has the same identity.

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