The best 5 brands for Cashmere made in Umbria

We selected the most renowned companies at Cashmere Valley, the district specialized in knitwear located in Umbria, where this precious textile fiber reaches the top quality. The green region in the heart of Italy became the favorite destination for relax (thanks to the climate, the landscape and the Spa in Umbria) and shopping both, because some classic brands reinvented themselves offering unique garments.

Before to know the addresses for your luxury shopping, is useful to know more about the great tradition of cashmere in Umbria.

Fashion and cashmere, handicraft is chic

Cucinelli cashmere made in Umbria If many tourist visit Perugia to buy homemade cashmere sweaters is thanks to chocolate, or to be more precise, the Baci Perugina.

This kind of chocolate, created at the begininng of XX century by Luisa Spagnoli, had a great success and then, during the ’20s, the businesswoman started to breed rabbit angora and used for the first time the angora yarn for knitwear.

Her company produced shawls and fashion garments, then created the first stores with the brand Luisa Spagnoli. Now is one of the best companies for high quality knitwear, as another brand, Brunello Cucinelli, which today continues the tradition combining preciousness with care for environment. About Spagnoli, a brand with stores all over the world, we suggest to visit the store located at Strada S. Lucia 35 in Perugia, where to buy pattern book clothes and close-out sale. To discover Cucinelli clothes, besides the boutiques renowned worldwide, the main location is in Solomeo, a romantic Medieval town full of beautiful sights.

Book a charming relais in Umbria to plan your customized itinerary dedicated to cashmere, places like Solomeo are attractive not only for the creative manufacturing, but also because Cucinelli designed an amphitheater inspired to classic Roman style and an area for cultural events and shows. Here takes place a festival, Solomeo de le Nobili Arti, de li Giochi, de lo Piatto Rustico, scheduled on the last decade of July and dedicated to Umbrian gastronomy.

Brozzetti handweaving courses in Perugia The handweaving is the strong point of made in Umbria cashmere. For example brands like Giuditta Brozzetti, founded in 1921, today still use the ancient looms; here they produce pillows, curtains and runners, also with linen, cotton and silk, unique items which give a touch of charm to your house. Brozzetti is located at the Church of San Francesco delle Donne in Perugia and offers also handweaving courses (in English and Italian language), a unique experience which allows to know the history of weaving and the techniques to use jacquard looms.

Exclusive collections and shopping in Umbria

Another landmark for textile manufacturing is Arnaldo Caprai, which since 1955 sell a wide range of products, from linen to lace, from silk to cashmere clothes; we suggest you to buy these garments at D.O.C. Outlet in Foligno (at via Flaminia km 148), a concept store with all the top products of this brand, a venue which hosts parties and vernissage.

Caprai cashmere and doc wine Besides to furnitures, here there are knitwear, trousers and accessoires in cotton and cashmere, and a specialty by Caprai, the Sagrantino wine from the wine cellars of Montefalco. Match the style with the Umbrian top wines is a chance that you can take during your stay in this beautiful region.

The last stage is Lamberto Losani, in Magione, a company which started his activity in 1940. Tailoring and innovation are the keywords for Losani, which express his creativity through details and the finishings of his products. Formerly Losani was a sockmaker, then conquered the high fashion field with cashmere sweaters; you can admire the last collections at Villa Case Sparse 48G in Magione, near Perugia.

This travel will give you many memories and a lot of garments to wear: cashmere has a lifetime duration and keeps his beauty unaltered over time, just like Umbria, which is enchanting through centuries.

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