Top 5 brunch, delicious tips for gourmets

Are you on the road to Italy to discover luxury destinations? Probably you are thinking about the best specialties and the enchanting venues where to spend pleasant days. In this article we suggest you a selection of restaurants and clubs where to have brunch, a new trend in Italy.

The word brunch means “breakfast + lunch” and was born in USA, where is eaten in the late morning (between 10:00 am and 12:00 am) and involves breakfast foods and other kinds of meals. In Italy the brunch is mixed with the typical dishes and often is offered by restaurants in a different time of day (also until 3:00 pm), with serve-yourelf buffets and a wide range of classic menus and creative choices by the chefs.

Follow our recommendations about the best brunches!

High quality brunch in Milan at the top of a skyscraper

Unico luxury brunch in Milan Who likes modernity should go to the Unico Restaurant in Milan, located at the top of skyscraper World Join Center, in Portello area.

The warm colors of furnishings will welcome you here, to let you admire the skyline of the city from the 20th floor. Every sunday you can try a different brunch, conceived by the chef Fabio Baldassarre. From 12:00 am to 4:00 pm you can choose exclusive menus like the Carnival menu (on 10th February), the citrus menu (on 3rd March) or dishes based on Norcia truffles (on 10th March), only to mention a few.

A chance to discover the top Italian gastronomy, ina breathtaking venue that we suggest you for suprize your partner or to spend a sunday on the top of a city always up with the times.

The pleasure of art and flavors in Florence

How to combine comfort and refinement? The answer is Boulangerie del Rifrullo in Florence, at via de’ Rondinelli 24/r, just in the center of the Renaissance capital. This cafè is a great combination between a French bistrot and a New York cafeteria, where the best is bread, the baguettes, freshly made every hour. For brunch you can choose a buffet with cold cuts, salmon and carpaccio, or the sweets, cheesecakes and pancakes in particular.

The Boulangerie has three rooms at the first floor, if you prefer more privacy, besides this venue is an opportunity to taste the Tuscan specialties, sushi and cous cous both.

In the surroundings there is also the Baretto Rifrullo, the first cafeteria which now is a meeting point for people who loves nightlife. To go to both the recommendation is to choice a 5 5 stars hotel in Florence, so you will have the time to fall in love with the city and discover which treasures keeps.

Design and gourmet in the Eternal City

Open Colonna brunch in Rome Savor the dishes prepared by a prestigious chef in a set enhanced by the beauty of Rome is a dream. A desire that comes true at Open Colonna, a “maison gourmet” where the talent of the chef Antonello Colonna meets the contemporary Palaexpò, one of the most renowned museums of Rome. The entrance is at via Milano, on the left side of Palaexpò, here you have to get the lift to go to the restaurant; you’ll see the open space and the white furnitures, which give comfort and coolness.

The brunch, that someone defined “city lunch” is available on Saturdays and Sundays and is a very excellence brunch: Colonna measures out the Roman tradition with his creative formula, the result was many times awarded. The must is to combine brunch with the visit of the musem and a walk through the historical center of Rome; at the ground floor, instead, there is a shop with many ideas for gifts: accessories, books, posters and dvd.

Trendy relax in Venice

Venice offers a lot of alternatives to tourists, this time we talk about B.Each, at Lungomare Gabriele D’Annunzio, suggested during sunny days because is an amazing oasis at Venice Lido, open from 9:00 am until night. The owners take care for relax, in fact the B.Each is a place where to sip an aperitif along the sea, read a book or follow a yoga lesson.

The brunch is one of the elements which enriches this club: we suggest the original cocktails like the mojito light (prosecco and green apple instead of rhum), the cous cous with vegetables, chicken and tazatziki sauce, the dishes based on fresh fruits. Venice is all along a charming place, so join a party, walk through the “calli” (typical alleys) and take a break far from the usual restaurants.

Brunch at a Baroque palace in Bologna countryside

Palazzo Albergati guided tour Bologna Palazzo Albergati is a countryside palace dedicated to who loves elegance and refined style, rises in Bologna surroundings and is the last stage of our brief gastronomical journey.

There are many Brain booster pills reasons to visit this venue: is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture which dates back to XVII century, hosted guests as Voltaire, Goldoni, Juan Carlos of Spain and Pavarotti, is a prestigious cultural center liked by the elite. Here every Sunday you can have a brunch, prepared by La Tavola della Signoria, with excellent menus that include local and seasonal products. The ticket of brunch includes the guided tour to the Palace, reservation is required.

Palazzo Albergati, located in the countryside close to Bologna, is an opportunity for who stays in a luxury Relais in Emilia Romagna, because here there are paintings, frescoes and furnitures of a unique era. An exclusive location, that provides also a meeting area and that is eye-catcher thanks to the contrast between the exteriori and interior: the fresco ceilings and the wide size of the halls tell the flaunt and the refinement of baroque style better than others details.

Do a smart choice and book a brunch at the most prestigious venues which Italy keeps aside!