Top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve 2015 in Italy

Spend New Year’s Eve in a luxurious venue requires a great ability to recognize the places, events and activities really unique in the wide range of offers, often very similar and uninviting.
To welcome 2016, we have picked 5 destinations in Italy representing the essence of an exclusive holiday: a precious venue, the uniqueness of the natural landscape, the feeling of being in a magic place, the excellence and peculiarity of the “big dinner” menu.

Each of these choices testifies to the great opportunities available for people who want more than just a restaurant or a standard hotel, but dreams of being welcomed in a refined dwelling to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

Castles of Canavese, Piedmont

Castle Pavone Piedmont

Piedmont is a region very attentive to the needs of tourists; in fact here you can find different kinds of accommodations within historical buildings like fortresses and castles, noble villas and charming relais.
The territory that interests us most, in this case, is the Canavese area, which extends between Turin and the Valle d’Aosta and in the province of Biella and Vercelli to the east.
Here are castles built in the Middle Ages that today became museums, hotels or congress centers, and frequently hosts events such as historical reenactments.

What about a medieval-themed dinner in a real castle? This is the proposal of the Pavone Canavese Castle for the evening of 31st December: a dinner with meals inspired by the medieval recipes (creatively interpreted by the chefs), shows of jugglers, concerts and dances during the evening, even exhibitions of flag throwers and fire eaters, in other words all activities that characterized a medieval mansion.

The themed dinner is organized by the group Burgo Turris and you can attend the dinner in medieval costume, to evoke the atmosphere of a time.
You can rent the costume on site; however it isn’t mandatory to join in disguise. For reservations send an email to or call 347-6256721.

New Year's Eve in a castle

Customs house in Lazise, Veneto

A New Year’s Eve spent on the shores of Lake Garda is certainly a precious gift that is even rarer if surrounded by a dwelling dating back to 1300.

In Lazise, close to the port, there is the customs house, building which over the centuries has changed several times role and now is a venue for weddings, anniversaries, concerts and exhibitions.

In this evocative and restored Dogana Veneta there will be a very special celebration with dinner based on local products, gourmet dishes, along with decorations on the tables that will enhance the festive atmosphere.
The DJ set after midnight will be the first good omen for a happy 2016, due to a venue of XIII century that is unmatched elsewhere. To book the event:


New Year’s dinner with a starred chef in Umbria


The chef Gianfranco Vissani is very popular in Italy, for this reason we recommend his restaurant in Baschi, a town in province of Terni. Casa Vissani is the right choice for demanding tourists: elegant furniture renewed periodically, welcome guests into the realm of haute cuisine, where creativity, knowledge and authenticity reign with the refinement infused by Vissani.

For dinner the chef launched the Hollyfood Walk of Fame, a sort of cooking show to offer delicious dishes such as raw sea bass with roasted berries beech and quince, polenta Marano with soft cheese, Peking duck with berry jasmine, only to name a few.

Here the New Year will be very tantalizing for the palate, but we recommend to book as soon as possible:

The last year’s day in a city that fades away


Civita di Bagnoregio is an unusual place to spend the night of 31st December, as it is nicknamed “the town that is dying”. This village, founded over 2,500 years ago, is in the province of Viterbo, in Lazio region, and is suitable for those who prefer silence and quietness instead of an endless party at disco.

In Civita, in fact, it held a meeting organized by the Buddhist association Soka Gakkai, while in the historic center is traditionally set up the living nativity scene, which will cross the streets of the town on 26th December, 1st, 4th and 6th January.

Civita is the perfect destination for those are looking for their own inner balance and want to start the New Year wrapped up in the magic mood of a place that seems to disappear little by little, as the hill and the valley surrounding it are gradually eroding.
Look at the view here is to join an event that every time changes color and shape, inviting to appreciate every detail of the landscape.

Ice-skating on Lake Reschen in South Tyrol


If you choose to go on holiday in South Tyrol you should stop in Val Venosta, where there is one of the most amazing attractions to see, the bell tower of the Reschensee (also known as Lake Reschen).

Is useful to know that the Val Venosta boasts unique vegetation in the Alps and is famous for the production of apples; however the Reschensee is the favorite destination by travelers both in winter and in the rest of the year, due to the bell tower on the lake.

This is due to the fact that, in 1950, a dyke was built to unite two lakes, but a flood submerged several villages, including the town of Curon Venosta (later rebuilt higher up).

The top of the bell tower dates back to 1357 and when the lake freezes, is within walking distance.

Experience the thrill of ice-skating, cross-country skiing or snow kiting on the lake during your stay in Val Venosta, we are confident that any winter sport, later, will seem banal.

Top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 in Italy

The 5 destinations of this guide have in common the range of emotions that can donate, in other words the beauty of enjoying the New Year’s Eve as a unique moment with your loved ones.

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