Top destinations for wellness holidays in Apulia

In Italy there are places fitting for a holiday in any season, just one weekend is enough to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of a region such as Apulia, which presents a wide range of possibilities for luxury retreats, so we focus on wellness and nature trails across this region.

Wellness holidays in Apulia

The best thermal baths in Apulia, where myth becomes fact

Luxury thermal baths Santa Cesarea

We have selected the most suitable thermal baths to rejuvenate on vacation, with a stopover at the historic and archaeological sites in the area; we begin the journey from Santa Cesarea Terme, in the province of Lecce, situated at the beginning of the Otranto canal. Legend tells it that the thermal waters would have flowed from the giants Leuterni killed by Hercules; the springs flow into 4 natural caves and their therapeutic effectiveness has been known from ancient times

The charm of Santa Cesarea Terme derives from its geographical position, since it appears at a glance as an amphitheater overlooking the sea, a stage from which to admire the changing colors of the sky and the sea floor. The wellness center offers a range of tailor made packages for those who choose to stay in Apulia for holiday: 2 days or 1 week packages with relaxing treatments such as purifying scrub and gommage with honey and Negroamaro, the right “cocktail” to come back home in good shape.

Whatever course you will choose, you will always be followed by a tutor doctor who will advise you the best treatments and will help you reach the complete well-being. Santa Cesarea Terme, furthermore, it is surrounded by archaeological sites of great value, such as the dolmens and menhirs of Giurdignano, a small town known as “the megalithic garden of Italy”.

You will be amazed by a walk through these monuments from the prehistoric era, almost an oddity in the typical landscape of Apulia.

The second thermal bath that we suggest is Margherita di Savoia, on the Tavoliere coastline (the plain in northern Apulia), best known for its salt works, which are declared Nature Reserve. These salt works are the largest in Europe and second in the world. The thermal bath takes advantage of the mud and the red waters of the saltpan that enhance the treatments.

At the thermal bath are available treatments specific to get your inner balance, the large size of the center (15,000 sqm) host several departments, a gym and a Spa, offering a full range of wellness services for every need. Visit also the Salt works Historical Museum, a collection of 1,000 industrial archeology relics showing the origins and evolution of the work done in this area since the third century B , a side of Apulia perhaps less known but not to be underestimated.

Park of Alta Murgia, the charm of Mediterranean Steppe

Parco Alta Murgia pictures by Mariano Fracchiolla

Who loves hiking should visit the Alta Murgia National Park, considered the only example of Mediterranean steppe in Italy, an area that stretches for nearly 70,000 acres and consists mainly of limestone, tuff, clay deposits, sand and alluvial deposits of earth.

In the park there are also several species of plants and animals, while the presence of human being is symbolized by masserias, the old farmhouses dating back to XV century. You can book the guides tour of the Park, which will take you along the paths through the beautiful nature reserve full of forests, castles and caves, a very different landscape that can surprise even the most experienced visitor.

Apulia, in virtue of the scenic attractions and cozy climate, is one of the most popular destinations especially for foreign travelers who want to deepen their passion for Southern Italy, therefore they decide to visit a relaxing and comfortable destination, where the quality of thermal baths is combined with the beauty of the small towns and traditions kept alive by the people over the centuries.

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