Top Italian chefs, an itinerary for gourmets

Italy and haute cuisine is a winning combination for those who love to travel and know the Bel Paese excellences: of course we are talking of art, creativity, tradition, all that portrays a place and the people who live there, so it’s also the enogastronomical story of a place.

We have already recommended the best Italian chefs, the top restaurants and the most original recipes that disrupt the typical Mediterranean cuisine inventing both new combinations of ingredients as in the style of the dishes, as tasty works of art.

This route is a journey, certainly not exhaustive but hopefully inviting, in most awarded Italian restaurants, venues where to live a unique experience.

Niko Romito, Ristorante Reale

Reale Restaurant

The food itinerary starts from a little-known destination in Abruzzo, Castel di Sangro, where there is Reale restaurant which won the third Michelin star.
The chef Niko Romito, a visionary and relentless talent that opened a restaurant that excels for interior design, perfect setting for dishes that no one can imitate.
It may seem strange to find top seafood dishes in a place located in the Abruzzo mountains, yet it is so.
In the picture, a dish of fettuccelle semolina, red shrimp and pink pepper.


Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Villa Crespi


Chef Cannavacciuolo menu

If Romito gave prestige to Abruzzo as a possible destination for gourmet tourists, Antonino Cannavacciuolo confirms the attention of Piedmont to high quality gastronomy.
Cannavacciuolo brought his talent and his culinary passion at Villa Crespi, a restaurant in Orta San Giulio, in province of Novara.
Savor the delicacies of its menu is to discover that the union between the Neapolitan tradition and the products from Piedmont raises a romance intended to last much more time than a mouthful.

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Enrico and Roberto Cerea, Da Vittorio


This is the story of a family that has passed down for decades a great passion for food, in the name of Lombard tradition and creativity.
Da Vittorio, in fact, is a restaurant in Brusaporto, in province of Bergamo, and is led by the Cerea family. The chefs are the brothers Enrico and Roberto, their dishes satisfy each sense by virtue of refined tastes and amazing shapes, as you can see from the picture of the dish The Homing Pigeon, flanked by the Mac Mini à la Vittorio.
A trip to Lombardy is a valid excuse to discover one of the most prestigious restaurants in Italy.


Italo Bassi and Riccardo Monco, Enoteca Pinchiorri


Pinchiorri wine bar in Florence

The Enoteca Pinchiorri proclaims itself “a feast for the senses”, how to disagree? Pinchiorri isn’t just a wine bar with an extensive wine list in an elegant palace of Florence. It is a restaurant that, thanks to the creative partnership of the chefs Italo Bassi and Riccardo Monco offers seasonal menus that challenge the top quality of the wine list.
An example is the risotto in the picture, the union between the Cacciucco soup and the seafood risotto.

The gourmet trip could go on, we have previously recommended as a top chefs Massimo Bottura, Massimiliano Alajmo and Moreno Cedroni, moreover this year the Expo in Milan will celebrate the uniqueness of Italian food and the importance of the local products safeguard.

risotto chef bassi e monco

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