Top men’s fashion brands in Italy

The best Italian haute couture brands follow high quality as a practice to reach enviable goals for men fashion field (in fact this sector has a growing rate of 14% compared with the 8% of women sector, according to the Bain&Co report). Our target is to recall the uniqueness of Italian style with three fashion brands, to suggest you some ideas for luxury shopping in Italy during next winter.

Kiton, the best tailors for your suit

  Kiton haute couture Italian brand

In the digital era, the tailor’s shop and clothing company Kiton join a traditional production model, in fact the clothes made in a year are limited (max 18.000) to guarantee the absolute exclusiveness of each suit. Choose Kiton, born in 1968 in Arzano, in province of Naples, means to establish a connection with the tailor who helps you to find your ideal style. The suit made by Kiton requires the work of 45 tailors, while the jacket requires 20 hours of work, the proof that high fashion is the result of the talent and preciseness of Kiton tailors.

The fabrics used for a suit are linen, cotton, silk, shetland and vicuña, the precious fiber that is the last trend of 2013. The Kiton stores are located worldwide and each boutique is designed by a prestigious architect; for your shopping holidays we suggest to visit the stores in Milan, Capri, Venice and Rome, the favorite destinations by fashion lovers.

Brioni, flawless style for VIPs and gentlemen

Brioni exclusive fashion brand

Brioni, born in the ’40s, is the brand conceived by the tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his partner Gaetano Savini and is a name that stands for tradition matched with innovation: the Brioni suits, in fact, feature 13.000 handmade points and 200 steps. Many Vips chose Brioni for the high quality of garments and the cleverness of tailors, it was the first fashion house that held a men’s fashion show at Palazzo Pitti in Florence, then opened showrooms also in the USA.

However the center of the company is in Abruzzo, in Penne, where Brioni opened its first manufacturing headquarter, while the boutiques are in Rome (the oldest is at via Barberini), Milan, Florence and Porto Cervo.

Probably you’ve seen the Brioni suits worn by 007 (Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig both), among the most famous clients there are also Barack Obama and the Sultan of Malaysia.

Zegna, a century of elegance

Zegna classic fashion brand for men

If you are thinking about Ermenegildo Zegna you are also thinking about the history of Italian fashion, because the Wool Mill opened in 1910 in Trivero then its growth has continued until today. Zegna is one of the most successful fashion brands that this year presented the Ermenegildo Zegna Maserati, the luxury car with the signature textiles of the famous maison, a unique combination for who wants only the best (this car is a limited edition, only 100 models are available).

About the collections, Zegna realizes garments and accessories for men that range from classic to casual, from minimal to creative thinker, in other terms people who are looking for eclectic suits to express their own personality. Besides to the boutiques we recommend to visit Casa Zegna, the historical archive situated where the story of the brand began, in Trivero, province of Biella. This museum gathers the most important testimonies of the company history, from fabric samples to documents, pictures and videos of the top collections.

These three brands show the appeal of Made In Italy, so if you like craftsmanship and haute couture, this is the ideal country to visit during your next trip.

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