Travel in Italy for luxury shopping and top restaurants

Sometimes is worthwhile to update your own map of favorites venues for shopping and for tasty breaks during an holiday. A travel includes many stages: choice a destination, stay in an hotel, the must-see places and, for uniqueness lovers, the best boutiques and the most renowned restaurants, because both offer products different from the common style.

We give you some advices about two cities for a stay in the sign of first class purchases; with the addresses that we recommend you this brief itinerary will enhance your good taste.

Glamour and cuisine in Milan

Taste of Milan exclusive chefs The combination isn’t so strange: the traditional Italian cuisine can be a stylish choice for who isn’t satisfied by tourists menus and wants to discover new dishes prepared by awarded chefs. From 30th May to 2nd June, in the Italian Capital of Fashion, there will be Taste of Milano, festival that hosts 14 restaurants (10 from Milan and 4 selected by Jeunes Restaurateurs D’Europe) and talented chefs ready to cook savory and creative dishes of Italian cuisine.

At ToM, hosted at Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27, you can mix the dishes of the different chefs and join the masterclasses dedicated to special recipes (chicken, muffin, codfish, etc.), to amaze your friends at dinner.

Besides the gourmet menus, the top Italian wines are the protagonists of the tastings during the 4 days of the event, thanks to the collaboration of the prestigious Enoteca Trimani in Rome. The best sommeliers in Italy will offer you wines and spirits from the most interesting cellars, funny and useful tastings to appreciate the culture of drinking.

Among the available menus there are also dishes for vegetarians and celiacs, while if you come in Milan during others seasons, one if the restaurants hosted by ToM is Innocenti Evasioni, which features a beautiful garden and the original dishes by the chefs Tommaso Arrigoni ed Eros Picco.

About fashion shopping, we suggest you Shabby Chic, the boutique inspired to the vintage style made in USA matched with the Italian creativity, a very nice combination. This cozy living room is suitable for who likes elegance, the Sixties style and the latest trends, to spice up the wardrobe.

Top accessories and clothes in the heart of Rome

Brioni Tailor's Shop in Rome The Eternal City is again a popular destination for tourists, but besides monuments and events that we suggest you on the blog, you can follow an itinerary through the best boutiques of the historical center. Visit the Sartoria Brioni, a landmark for men’s fashion since 1945. Located at via Barberini, the store, which reminds to the aristocratic mood of Rome with its furnitures, offers tailored collections for who wish to be unique and inimitable.

If your dream is to buy a Made in Italy item that reflects the refinement of the Capital, go to Fratelli Viganò, close to the Trevi Fountain, hats store since 1837. The hat became a symbol of the new dandy and is an item to choice carefully, following the tips of the owner. At Viganò you can also find the accessories like umbrellas, ties, walking sticks, all the necessary for a distinguished look.

To go shopping without hurry, is better to stay in a charming hotel in the historical center of Rome, so you can walk around and discover small shops, boutiques and workshops next to the most famous squares. Italy holds the role of haute couture and gourmet country, so forget fixed menus and stores that you can find elsewhere: exclusiveness is the key for an amazing holiday.

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