Travel through Italy following photo tours

What better inspiration to choose your travel destination that the point of view of a prestigious photographer?

Who has the talent to enclose in a picture the “soul” of a place, has the ability to arouse curiosity in those who wondering where those destinations are and if are really so exclusive.

The merit of the photos exhibition “Henri Cartier-Bresson and others – The Great photographers and Italy”, is precisely to give us a cue to introduce destinations and particular glimpses of the BelPaese that we usually see under a different profile.

The exhibition takes place in Milan at the Palazzo della Ragione Fotografia until 7th February 2016, and shows the relationship that the most talented photographers in the world have with Italy, starting with the geniuses, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, and including the main contemporary artists such as Steve McCurry, Joel Meyerowitz and Martin Parr.

Tuscan landscape Guided Tour
Credits Tuscan landscape

The soft hills of Tuscany and the Renaissance wonder of Florence


Wine cellar Credits:

Isn’t a mystery that Tuscany is so loved by travelers and artists from around the world: here is born the Italian language and the Renaissance here has reached the peak of perfection; for this reasons are available thematic guided tours which include not only churches and museums but also the landscapes portrayed by great artists over the centuries.

In particular we refer to the itinerary organized by Strabo Tours, which offers the expert Ron Rosenstock as a guide for those who want to learn the basics of photography and visit unusual places along with the top sights. In Florence, for example, you can admire not only the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo, but also Forte Belvedere and handicraft shops usually little known to tourists. For information:

Tuscany Photo Tour

Credits Joel Meyerowitz picture:

Let yourself be persuaded by the landscape captured by Joel Meyerowitz, a photographer who was impressed by the charming landscapes of the countryside near Buonconvento, how about following his steps?

The seductive call of Venice

Travel through Italy following photo tours

Steve McCurry has been captivated by the aesthetic alchemy that binds people and landscape in Venice, the lagoon town that continues to fascinate millions of visitors.

In fact the town born on water is unique in the world, so you cannot miss a path dedicated to the most breathtaking set in Italy, both in terms of natural beauty both in the urban architecture.

Cross over the Canal Grande and reach the “merchant” heart of Venice, a town that has always been a landmark for foreign trade and for the many artists who have found inspiration here.
It’s exciting to walk through the narrow alleys and find yourself in front of the Church of San Polo, which houses the wonderful Via Crucis painted by Giandomenico Tiepolo, or go to the Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, the biggest church of Venice, where to see one of masterpieces by Tiziano, the Assumption altarpiece (painted between 1516 and 1518), which established his talent and upset the art canons of the XV century.


Venice was several times the city of innovations in various artistic languages, as to be a favorite destination by very different travelers.

Our suggestion is to avoid the crowds of tourists and let tempted by hidden gems such as those revealed in this article:

If the most famous photographers captured the essence of the places we have mentioned, no doubt the most selective travelers can live indelible experiences relishing Italy gradually, off the beaten tracks.

Photographic Tours Of Italy

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