Unique Tours of Rome, How To Experience the Eternal City In A Day

Rome is one of the most enchanting cities in the World with its long-time history showing off in monuments and buildings, churches and bridges. The best way to experience the Eternal city is to choose a guided tour, and it is even better when it is very exclusive like the ones of Exploro Tours of Rome. But how could it be a one-day visit to Rome?

Spanish Steps Rome

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Do not miss the historic tour of Rome

Unique Tours of Rome, How To Experience the Eternal City In A Day

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Of course, there are many opportunities in the Eternal city as it includes Ancient Rome ruins as well as contemporary structures like, for example, the museum Maxxi, but it is mandatory to go for a visit of the Colosseum and of the Roman Forum. Indeed, this part of the city is one of the remaining testimonies of the magnificence reached during the centuries of the Roman Empire.

Moreover, this is the heart of Rome not only for its being one of the old and original parts of the city survived to centuries of fights, wars, reuse of materials and social and cultural changes but also because all the streets moving from here are arterial roads bringing you quiet anywhere in the city to continue your journey. You can easily walk from here to the renown Via del Corso and then Piazza di Spagna for some shopping and an appealing picture on the famous stairs.

Colosseum view

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Leave for a sacred tour in Rome

Saint Peter Dome

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In time, Rome has become the centre of Christianity and the main cathedrals of the city, particularly Saint Peter, open their doors daily to pilgrims, visitors and art passionate. The famous artists Bramante, Maderno, and Michelangelo have created this impressive church nestled in the smallest state of the World, the Vatican City State.

Further, the Vatican Museums: 7-kilometres of rooms and hallways showing off a unique collection of art and ending up in the utmost famous Sistine Chappelle, Michelangelo’s masterpiece (even though you can find some of his creations also inside the Basilica of Saint Peter). Before you leave the Vatican, take some time also to explore its beautiful garden.

Vatican Museums

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Step out for a Roman date night

Trastevere district at night

The undeniable fascination of the Eternal city comes from every corner and it multiplies at night when the street lights colour the buildings and the river Tevere with reflects and sparkles. This is an amazing moment of your day in Rome to see the famous Trevi Fountain or Castel Sant’Angelo and its unique bridge, but also the roman typical neighbour Trastevere.

The evening is the perfect choice for a date with the good taste of Italian food. Plenty of restaurants will serve you the traditional plates of the city and all the types of pizza with different ingredients also changing based on the season, never forgetting also a great bottle of wine. And for all the lovers of sweet flavours, pastries and gelato can be found quiet in every street to finish your experience in the Eternal city with absolutely no regrets.

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