Valtellina, a luxury experience

September is a nice period to travel: you will avoid the crowd, is easier to find a suitable hotel for exclusive vacations, there are more opportunities to visit the selected destination.

Our tip for refined and demanding travelers is to book a stay in a mountain destination, where you’ll find amazing landscapes, snowy peaks also in summer, itinearies to follow by walk, mountain bike or riding a horse, thermal baths and enogastronomical deliciousness; this place is Valtellina, the best destination for holidays at mountains.

Excellence and relax

Luxury holidays in Valtellina

Valtellina is situated in Lombardy and is an alpine region renowned for skiing tourism, loved by free climbers and at the same time full of attractions for people who wish a more relaxing stay. The Valtellina, together with Monferrato, Langhe and Roero it was nominated for the inclusion in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, to get a prestigious reward for its peculiarities.

About the activities you can do here, we like to suggest extreme sports as rafting, that you can do also by canoe and kayak, to enjoy exciting moments on river Adda, the climb of Sasso Remenno, the biggest monolith in Europe which faces are high 45 mt, try the thrill of paragliding and hang-gliding, climb a frozen fall in Valfurva or dive into the river Boggia. The Valtellina is a natural gym where to keep fit and find wellness going to one of the four thermal baths of the region.

Rafting and extreme sports in Valtellina

The Terme di Bormio, for example, are recommended to who wants to do high quality relaxing treatments like Turkish bat, biosauna and panoramic sauna with a view on mountains, the right solution for purification. Another choice for wellness are Terme di Masino, renowned for healthy properties, a place where the spring flows inside a cave at a temeperature of 38°.

The tradition of Valtellina includes wines produced with Nebbiolo grapes at vineyards along the slopes of the valley, so we suggest to book a guided tour at a wine cellar and join a wine tasting: contact the Casa Vinicola Balgera in Chiuro which plan tastings and tours through its vineyard. The red wine is the main quality in Valtellina and you can choose among many Doc labels as Sassella, Valgella, Maroggia, Valtoline and Sforzato, a must for wine lovers!

Livigno, the little Tibet

Luxury shopping in Livigno

If you want to know which is the highest city of Italy, you have to go to Livigno, in Alta Valtellina, famous for ski slopes (located at 2800 mt) and also recommended for luxury shopping. Livigno, in fact, is a duty-free area, so take advantage for shopping here and update your wardrobe. There are more than 250 stores and boutiques here, so Livigno is a sort of big outlet with the best brands, a place where to buy clothes far from stress and crowd, surrounded by the charming landscape, a unique shopping experience

The nickname “Little Tibet” derives from its geomorphological traits: this area is similar to Himalaya, in other words a pearl in the heart of Alpi Retiche. In these days in Livigno is started a meeting for all the mountain bike fans: the Fiat Nine Knights MTB, the summer version of the freeski event that takes place at the “Castle” made with 100.000 cubic meters of snow.

This event attracts worldwide top bikers and takes place at Mottolino Fun Mountain, is a contest for mountain bikers in a wonderful natural set, at the borders with Engadina, in Alta Rezia. During Fiat Nine Knights MTB there will be photo-shooting with the best photographers and videomakers of biker’s world, that will shoot the spectacular stunts of the best riders.

The following video, from the official website of the event, is a preview of the involving show that are coming, to know more visit the website:

Livigno is a nice pick in September: shopping, relax, sport and pastime immersed in the unpolluted nature, a mountain destination with all the comforts of the big cities.

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