Wellness therapy with natural hot springs

The properties of sulphurous waters have been known for centuries and Italy boasts many thermal baths where you can enjoy treatments based on sulphurous waters or try the natural pools carved into the landscape without human intervention.

The increasingly widespread need to get the top of the psychological well-being and staying in perfect shape (in other words, “mens sana in corpore sano” as the Latins said) is confirming the success of the destinations that offer a wide range of wellness related services, not only Spa and thermal baths but also the chance to plan customized itineraries in Italy.

Acqui Terme and the Lake of the Springs

Acqui Terme historic center

The small town of Acqui Terme in Piedmont, founded by the Romans, is a privileged destination for those looking for well-being in all its meanings.

The remains of the first century AD aqueduct, built to bring water to the fountains and thermal pools, are considered a symbol of Acqui, whose thermal springs gush out at 75 ° C in the town center.
These sulfur springs are classified as sulphur-bromine-iodine because of the minerals that are deposited in the subsoil and are effective both for treating specific diseases and to restore health to the highest level; between the most famous sources of Acqui there is Lake of the Springs (Lago delle Sorgenti), now used in the Spa of the same name, recommended for anti-stress courses and fitness activities.

With the help of a personal trainer you can choose the most suitable package combining body treatments and golf clinic, an area dedicated to golf players who want to improve their own performances.

Fontana della Bollente Acqui Terme

The most original place of Acqui Terme, however, is the fountain located in Piazza della Bollente: an aedicule shaped like a Greek Temple and built in 1870 surrounds a thermal spring from which the water flows at very high temperatures, is a unique fountain in Italy and is an ideal introduction to the benefits of the sulphurous waters.

Detox holidays in Montegrotto Terme

Night opening Montegrotto Terme

In Montegrotto Terme there isn’t a main thermal bath, here there are but a series of wellness centers equipped with their own source of hyperthermal water, so you can go to the hotels or at the swimming pools open to the public.
For example, the Terme Preistoriche, provided with three pools with different temperatures, is a suggested choice for wellness paths and trendy events scheduled in the evening.

During the festival Jazz By The Pool you can buy a ticket that includes the access to the Spa, the outdoor jazz concert and the dinner poolside with buffet, a real privilege for gourmets.
The thermal springs of Montegrotto arise from the Euganean Hills, the waters have antiseptic properties and are used for the balneotherapy treatments with bio thermal clay, a unique product of this land.

Visit Montegrotto Terme is the best pick for those who want to experience a detox stay and have the opportunity to discover an elegant and refined town.

Terme di Cavascura and Negombo Park

Terme di Cavascura a Ischia

On the island of Ischia there are a lot of thermal parks; we focus on two locations in particular, the Terme di Cavascura, because they are an archaeological jewel and one of the largest water sources on the island; and the Negombo Park which will amaze you with its natural pools set in the rock.

The Cavascura Thermal Baths are reachable by the sea and are located just above the Maronti beach: the valley where these grottos are dug into the tuff is surrounded by rock walls, so the sunlight creates a very picturesque setting, where to take advantage of benefits given by the hot springs.
The thermal path is recommended to who like to see a place unaltered over centuries rather than go to a modern beauty farm.

Negombo Thermal park Ischia

The Thermal Park Negombo, in the Bay of San Montano in Lacco Ameno, offers a wide selection of pools and access to private beach; choose the pool according to your needs, and visit the park, because it displays sculptures of contemporary artists scattered around the wood, a successful blend of modernity and eternal beauty.

Regenerate you at thermal baths with sulphurous waters will give you the energy to deal with the upcoming trips and exploring lesser known and summoning places.

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