Wine and food excellences in Parma, the Gourmet capital


The Italian excellences in the enogastronomical field are so numerous and different from region to region to require an accurate map or a reliable guide before starting your trip.
Thanks to Taste of  Future event we suggest a starting point for a visit to Parma, nominated to become the Gourmet capital by virtue of unique products and the richness of its territory, full of art treasures and activities to do.

During the Taste of Future weekend, from 27th June to 29th, there will be guided tastings, masterclasses and workshops dedicated to the delights of Parma, an appetizer of what will be presented at the EXPO 2015 in Milan.

Let’s find out what to see in Parma and why visit this town during this season, follow the enticement of the ancient duchy of Parma, the kingdom of exclusiveness and excellence.

The jewels of the historic center of Parma


This city has an important literary and artistic tradition, in addition to a refined taste, as showed by the Parmesans and their intense passion for Opera and art in all its shapes.

It has been mentioned and admired several times by foreign authors such as Stendhal, who set here his masterpiece The Charterhouse of Parma, and Proust, who quoted the town in his book Swann’s Way.
Since there are many points of interest, we prefer to offer an overview to invite you discovering Parma during your next stay in Emilia Romagna: close to the Roman city walls stands the Cathedral, featuring Romanesque exterior and Renaissance style interior, is an architectural masterpiece symbol of the medieval history of the city, next to the Baptistery and the Bishop’s Palace.
The Cathedral is also a treasure chest like the frescoes by Correggio, among which we mention the Assumption of the Virgin, which decorates the inner dome.

At a short distance from the Cathedral rises the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata, dating from XVI century, the design of the church is attributed to Bramante or maybe Leonardo Da Vinci.
We recommend a visit because it houses several artworks by Parmigianino, besides you can visit the Constantine Museum, which houses many kinds of artworks: there are paintings from XVI to XIX century, vestments and silverware, historical relics from different ages including the shirt that Louis XVI worn on the scaffold, in other words here you can take a trip to the historical periods walking through the museum.


The Palazzo della Pilotta is the heart of Parma cultural life, because it houses the National Archaeological Museum, the monument to Giuseppe Verdi, the Art Institute Paolo Toschi, the Palatine Library, the Bodoni Museum, Teatro Farnese and the National Gallery of Parma.
The Pilotta takes its name from the game of pelota, practiced by Spanish soldiers in one of the palace courtyards, and is one of the symbols of Parma; enjoy yourselves walking around here in the evening , the gardens of Pilotta will enchant you through the grace and elegance that has always reigned over the town.

The Ducal Palace, annexed to the Ducal Park, can be recognized by the typical “yellow Parma” color and today is the representative seat of the European Food Authority; is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 am (from June is planned a timetable extension timetable, visit for details).

The frescoes are kept on the first floor and dating from XVI to XVII centuries, realized by renowned artists such as Cesare Baglioni Benigno Bossi, Jacopo Bertoia, author of scenes inspired by the Orlando Furioso, Tiarini, Agostino Carracci and Gian Battista Trotti.

The taste of future in Parma


Taste of Future is conceived to highlight the food masterpieces of Parma, including Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma ham and other delicacies which celebrate the triumph of craftsmanship and creativity: Felino Salami, Coppa, Borgataro mushroom and Colli di Parma DOC wines, especially Malvasia, that will challenge in a match tasting others Italian and French wines.

From Friday 27th June to Sunday 29th you will have the chance to discover why the excellence of Parma are worldwide renowned, joining masterclasses with experts that will explain you the peculiarities of the local products and advise the ideal pairing of wine and food. Check the official website for additional information:

If you are gourmet travelers, you cannot miss a stopover in Parma, the perfect venue to honor Made in Italy genuineness.

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