Winter in Veneto, a wonderful temptation

Do you want to know which are the most sought-after destinations for winter vacations? Veneto and North East Italy are the latest trends for who wish to visit lesser known towns, join amazing activities and admiring a unique landscape.

Our tips include winter sports and river tourism, a feature of Veneto suggested to the most curious travelers. Follow us to discover which are the tourist temptations of this region!

Night skiing under the stars

Winter holidays in Veneto

Here you can spend a holiday at Dolomites and one of the suggested activities is night skiing, a wonderful chance to enjoy the outlook and experience the silence of mountains under the starry sky.

There are many ski slopes available for this activity, as the Alpe del Nevegal ski resort, near Belluno, which offers the slope Coca Bassa, very well illuminated and open at night, the Ski Civetta area at Zoldo Alto, one of the largest lighting systems in Europe that offers 5 km of slopes suitable for ski after sunset.

In Bosco Chiesanuova (province of Verona) there is the district of Malga San Giorgio, where to go from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm and look at the snowy peaks, a view of incomparable charm.

Nordic walking, wellness on winter

nordic walking veneto

The Nordic walking is a successful sport and is practiced also on snow. Winter Nordic walking requires special rods and the “rak”, which you have to clasp to your boots to follow the itineraries on the well-trodden tracks.

To join these excursions (that are a great benefit for the cardiovascular apparatus) you can contact the certified associations of the Italian School of Nordic Walking in Veneto, while the recommended areas are Comelico Valley and the trails of Sappada, suitable for tourists who want an original winter activity.

For more information about Nordic Walking schools:

River tourism, treasure of Veneto

River tourism in Padua

The waterways are one of the ways to explore this region so rich of rivers and lagoons; in fact you can book a one-day excursion by houseboat, ferry, motor ship, canoe or little boat. Among the available tours we recommend the Delta del Po Park (a great experience if you like birdwatching), and the Canals of Padua, which allow an unusual view to the tourists used to visit the town by walk.

The lush greenery near to Bacchiglione River or the villas adorning the Brenta Canal are some of the stopovers of the tour, a very different way to discover the historical center!

When we think about river tourism Venice is a must, because the islands of the lagoon are reachable by ACTV lines; only the boat allows appreciating the landscape reaching hidden places. The guided tours, customizable upon request, are an opportunity to fall in love with Veneto also in winter. To know more visit the official website:

January is ending but now you have some tips to travel to Veneto and choose your destination, you’ll discover the great hospitality of Veneto people and their care for local heritage, so unique and enchanting.

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